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Tae Kwon Do?
If that isn't what your acronym stands for, I'm gonna feel veeeerryyy stupid :x

I see. It would be nice if I learned a few kicks, since I only know one. I know what it's like to transition, since I've taken Aikido for about 6 years before I did anything else. I'll shop around and see what I can get.

I don't really know what that is. I'm not very good with the names or technical side if Taekwondo. The last 5-6 years all I pretty much did was sparring which was olympic style.

You like TKD, eh? I practice Kuntao (a rare Filipino art with roots in hapkido, which is another Korean martial art) from a former law enforcement instructor. I've considered TKD too. Is it useful in real situations? The main reason I took kuntao is for protection against high school jackasses who might try to take a swing at me for whatever reason. I heard TKD focuses on strikes. How good are those? I like joint locks, but strikes are easier to pull off.

What kind of Taekwondo do you do?

agreed with the young obese child thing. stupid parents.

Oh, I was under the impression he was in like fourth grade.

First off, no one CAN die from touching such a trace amount of the oil; he may swell up and be itchy, but not die. Secondly, as described on this website:
"And just the smell of foods containing peanuts won't produce a reaction because the scent does not contain the protein"

So, no, the scent cannot kill him, no matter what you think.

However, small particles floating in the air, may, or may not. But, that will never be a problem unless schools serve peanuts, not just foods processed in peanut stuff, or even peanut butter.

I was reading your bio about your brother's allergy to peanuts. Has he ever considered, you know, taking the responsibility upon himself to not consume peanuts? There's no need to ban them from schools, if maybe one kid in the county is allergic to them; he should be responsible enough.

Just my two cents.

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