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About me.
Hey, I'm Gordon, but I'm playing the role of an all knowing omniscient rice bowl.
I'm 17, Asian, and about 6 foot.
I live in San Francisco, the birthing place of earthquakes.
But most importantly, I am the sole prophet for my people, the rice grains of the world.

"Genocide is present. We are killed by the millions!
with torturing devices such as the "fork" and the wooden menace of evil we all know known as the 'chopstick'
not only that, but they DARE to defy our original form by slabering black sauce on us to change our once pure white form D:
then they eat us when we are most vulnerable... " -MY DAD

black sauce = soy sauce...for those that were confused.

I got a POTD! :D --> June 4th 2012 it's just too bad I wasn't online that day

My aim if anyone ever wants to just talk: Thetalkingrice

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Your so right having someone else stick thier finger into your belly button is awesome

Lol I remember you too! Those were great times. I miss everybody. Well, only the cool people :P This is my first time poking in here in years. I have 293 notifications. I'm like....wut do i do.

Yeah, that must be awful :(

Happy birthday!

Now that's to the attitude to have.
I haven't left. I'll still be checking out the site, seeing how it progresses and commenting etc.
The only difference is that it doesn't have my name on it anymore, that's all. Nothing bad is going to happen.

Your_Best_Friend was trying to troll Run_The_Pacific by copying her profile pic, who had it first, and when someone commented how it was confusing, more people started becoming mangoes to make it even more confusing.

It happened in POTD comment section like three days ago. Your_Best_Friend started it (hehe)

Haha. Will do!

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