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About me.
I'm 16 & live on the east coast. Typical fat lazy American. Not really. 'Cept for the American part...and I may be a bit lazy. Sometimes.

Other random facts? Er...I'm not a religious person, at all. A bit of a dreamer; I want to travel the world, hopefully become fluent in at least one other language, and write a best-selling book. I'm never afraid to voice my opinion, but I'll rarely get over-competitive defending it & can admit when I'm wrong.

Love: Animals, stormy weather, writing, running, music, reading, and hanging out with friends ('course).

Hate: Jelly beans, scrambled eggs, french toast, anything medical

I'm the type of person who walks through the rain, gets excited over garage sales, can't cook for life, will drink strawberryXbanana smoothies to no end, likes pancakes but not waffles, would rather watch the stars than go out to some stuffy dinner, and finds guilty pleasure in fantasy MMORPGs & Rping sites.

I believe that the beauty of nature and creation is meant to be marveled at and wondered about, but not answered.

I can also be quite a smart-****. Which many people don't expect due to my seemingly innocent demeanor.

I'm a fan of Avatar (animated series), Glee, The Big Bang Theory, The Hunger Games (Cinnaa), Harry Potter (LupinXTonks), the newish tv series V (Joshuaa), and Top Chef (the odd one out, considering I understand none of what they cook).

.:. "Remember the past, but live in the present, and do not worry about the future because it does not exist and it never shall. There is only the now." .:.

"Many reform movements, particularly in the 19th Century, began in Massachusetts. We're pissy people who like to rock the boat. And I'm damn proud of it."

Final Note: Superpower of choice? Shape-shifter, no question ;)

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Hey, you seem like a really cool person, just for the record. :S
I may or may not be bias, considering we agree on a lot of the same things (like Cinna being awesome.), but I'll just say not for the sake of having sakes.

cool bio bro

You don't like French toast?! That's awful. I'm so sorry for you.

i agree... poor teddy :(
plus tonks was one of my favorite characters though i do like remus too.. so sad

yaaaaaaaaaaaay... i feel special.. and you sould too.. thank god you like harry potter.. one less thing i need to convert you too :)

yaaaaay i have converted someone...i think

but not all are square some are round...

question...how do you hate waffles??????

Haha I watch her show everyday Shea hilarious. I love her

Along with the Ellen degeneres show :) lol

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