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About me.
I'm a small Senior everyone confuses for a Freshman.
I want loafers and short-shorts to come back for dudes.
I'm in love with Jesus.~
Ich spreche ein kleines bisschen Deutsch. (German 5)
I adore the rain.
My favourite animal is the basking shark!
My favourite colours are grey and orange.
I like pop music, but only what clean stuff I can find on the radio.
I aspire to be an ESL teacher or a DJ! :D


Hey! Have you ever heard of YWAM? They have this thing called TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language), you should look into it!

Has it yet? =P It's been pretty warm here for a little while now. Sorry for not responding for such a long time D=

I've always known about the Beatles part of it, and someone told me about Jerry Seinfeld's son a while ago and I just sorta remembered it.

Good! You have a good time? =D

I didn't. (no)

That's weird, because I am. >_>
Haha, how'd you know it was me though? Unless you were looking at my profile? I'm confused. =/

I don't usually like rare beef, but I'd be willing to try!
I wanna try a lot of stuff though.. Mainly from Japan XD

You're the early birds =P Getting in school like a month before us. Did you have fun in the snow? haha, it's finally hit a steady 60-70 here so that's nice.

Yeah, I've been told the Jude thing by my parents forever. Not called it, but they've mentioned that. Jerry Seinfeld's son is apparently named Julian too... I don't remember where I heard that but it was a long time ago =/ I've heard Jules a lot too =P

Damn, do they know where they wanna go for dinner instead?
I'd go D=
If I were going to prom at all now. (no)

Hahaha nice, I'm not sure whether or not I should be worried or not about your subconscious taking what I say about food for me being fat =P

It's like beef sushi =P
Or sashimi, sorta. I think... But yes, tar-tar is a fun word =D

Ah, we started the 8th of september, with three allowed snow days. But we had to make up President's Day because we had 4 days missed because of snow =/
Haha yeah, I would get tired of writing Gabrielle if that were my name. I get tired of writing my own name though.. So I scribble it beyond my ability to tell what it says XD
I guess that's true, do you think there are any nicknames for Julian? XD

Ohh, I thought your group sort of split or something, some going out and some staying to go to your house. Buuuut I guess that means you can just have a taco night another night (hello)

I think that's something to do with it. Pretty sure it's called Kobe Beef, they use it for beef tar-tar a lot because of it's consistency or something..

Yeah, ours is late =/
I don't mind though, we had our third quarter with pretty much no breaks aside from maybe one teacher work day, but we only have about two months of school left so that's nice.
I like the name Gabi, and Gabrielle, but I think Gabi suits you better. Not that I'd know very well.. (wary)

To your taco thing? Or in your prom group to go out to eat?

Apparently Japan has the best quality beef in the world =O
But I'd love to try basically everything....

Ohhh nice, that works out then =P

It took me a while, but I finally saw it a little after I sent the message hahah

Ours is on the 29th, and we're on spring break at the moment.
I'm almost 100% sure you've already told me, and if so I apologize.. But what's your name? =S
So you won't join them in a nice huge expensive dinner? =/ I'd have loved tacos.

Nice =P I've always wanted to try alligator... And shark!
Big change haha, I'd rather be in a warmer area =/

nice haha, what's the -3- face though? I don't really see it >_>

Of course!

What have you been up to?

You're French too? =O

Haha, appropriate XD
Nice =P I remember playing Ocarina of Time, but when I got to the part in the graveyard with the undead I was afraid XD So I got my friend to come over and beat that, then I got through the Fire Temple with the help of my other friend.... Then the Forest Temple with the help of another friend.... Then the water temple I DID BY MYSELF! =D and all the rest after that (smirk)

Haha yes, I'd watch it! XD

Most of my vacations are to visit family haha, I don't visit France as a tourist usually =P
I hope so! It'd be a nice start before college =)

Haha nice, I see what you did there (hmm) I've never played pikmin 2 though =/ when I was littler I would constantly get stuck in games and wait till friends came over to help me XD

I guess, but if you have the time AND all of the episodes available to you... Unless I got bored I would just watch it haha

On vacation? France, ME, NM, FL, HI, Jamaica, and southern VA (for college tours).
We have testing after Spring Break, (SOL's and finals) then afterwards is summer vacation (y)

I've played the first one for GameCube, buuuuuut I sucked at it... And after I got Super Smash Bros Melee I never looked back XD

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