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About me.
I'm a lot more active on twitter than amirite now. Feel free to follow me @
Let's just say I'm legal now...
I like rainy days better than sunny days...
I will never be too old to play in snow...
I like watching all the cartoons I watched as a kid to relive the memories...
If i could speak Spanish, that would be wicked... or should i say "malvado"
I can ripstick... Also, I'm single... Probably because I can ripstick...
People with fake tans just make me laugh...
No i was not one of those leash kids, yes, i should have been...
I love to break it down. I have been told that i am "A white boy" with so called "black boy dance moves" ...
I will always join in a sand volleyball game.. and destroy! ...
Short girls are the cutest (in my opinion)....
People tell me i am a ginger all the time but they are clearly color blind and retarded...
However, i do have close to a trillion freckles, i am waiting for them to all come together and form one complete magnificent tan...
I definitely have my opinions and piss people off quite frequently, but i try to be open minded, i really do...
When it comes to religion, I'm always the devil's advocate
I will try very hard to marry a bilingual girl because that.. is just sexy. For example... User: QuaintPancakes speaks French. I just might try to marry her...
My meals currently consists of Caffeine and Ramen. I call it the "Cafmen Diet"...
I like watching the commercials before the movie starts...
I always end up watching infomercials about useless crap (ab machines and blenders)...
AND i am a complete sucker for chemistry jokes...

oh and not to sound ****-y, but i lost track of my potd's

The things I could never live without.
The beautiful babes of amirite!

Relationship Status: Single

Education: In College

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Question. I was creepin yo twitter. Are you gay?

Revelation was written by John of Patmos. Patmos is an island covered in shrooms.

It's weird how true the old, snooty saying "the best way to become an atheist is by reading the Bible" is. It sounds rude, but that's how I stopped being a Christian.

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