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About me.
20. College sophomore at GSU. Natural hair enthusiast.

I'm really good at:

Saying 'bruh' a lot -- Atlanta has ruined me.

Also, video games, being silly, texting while intoxicated, cuddling (I'm really soft, which makes me literally one of the best cuddlers you'll ever find), singing loudly & off key, writing, dancing badly (yes, I mean I'm really good at dancing badly), listening to people, assessing situations, shaking my non-existent **** & being ratchet, using an excessive amount of punctuation like commas & ampersands, drinking people under the table, and generally being awesome.

The things I could never live without.
Books (libraries are my favorite places in the world), my family, my laptop, my stuffed giraffe, the gym, and cucumbers (they're so yummy!)

My favourite books, TV, music, movies and food.
My all-time favorite books are the Harry Potter series, although I have many, many favorites. I'm somewhat of a bookworm -- okay, actually I'm a major bookworm, and I read all the time. 1984, Infinite Jest, Leaves of Grass, The Poisonwood Bible, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Pride & Prejudice, What Happened to Lani Garver, Troy, and Valiant are just a few of my favorites. I also have a very deep appreciation for poetry.

I love tons of movies, but my favorite genre is horror.

First off, Thursdays/Sundays/Mondays on my television during its on season is reserved for football. I love football (mostly NFL, but I can tolerate college ball too). Football is life. I'm a major Saints fan. Reality television shows are my guilty pleasure, but I'll also always have a soft spot for Family Guy regardless of how **** the new episodes are. I also love Orange is the New Black. And, American Horror Story is my new obsession.

I like all types of music.

In regards to food, I've been on this health kick lately, so I try to eat as clean as I possibly can. (I also love, love sushi.) And, recently, I've become enamored with quinoa. It's so delicious.

The coolest places I've visited.
Baumholder, Germany.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Ethnicity: Black/African descent

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I've been alright. I just don't log into this site as much as I used to. Haha.

I haven't signed into this shit in forever. Haha. Went through my messages and wanted to check up on how you were. :) Dropping in to say hello.

Haha, I see.

Damn, your tits are huge.
Are they real? (wary)

T'was very kind of you.

Thank you...almost 2 years late.

Lol. It's okay? I see you work at Hooters. xD

Umm, wut.

Ya he is


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