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About me.
I live on an island. It's hot everyday and it rains every other day.
It's probably the tiniest island in the whole universe because people don't know where I live until I mention it's south of the Philippines, seven hours away from Hawai'i and 800+ miles from Guam.

My native language is Palauan as I am from Palau.
I have caramel colored skin, brown eyes and size eight feet.

I'm seventeen but compared to most seventeen year olds, I probably look like I'm fifteen or something. That's fine with me, but really, I'm seventeen.

My real name is Antoni. And my boyfriend's name is Antonio. I thought I should write (type?) that down since everyone I know seems to find it funny. I don't think it's funny at all, really. But oh well. Harhar :)

I actually made another account on amirite? but I kinda lost the password somewhere so I had to make a new account in order to vote on the posts. I haven't made any posts yet because I'm waiting for inspiration to strike but I actually just like to read and laugh and agree with this stuff.

I LOVE REGGAE MUSIC with a burning passion.
Bob Marley, Fiji, ThreePlus, Tarrus Riley, Tanya Stevens, Nesian NINE,
JBoog, Matisyahu, Iration... Heck, you name it, I love it -
they make my heart sing! :)

I graduate in May this year - yea! 2012 FTW :D

Now let me tell you the things I love:
- Purple.
- Myu and PowPow, my puppies.
- Rock Islands.
- Good music
- Books, books and more books!
- amirite?
- Action movies, yea!
- Wiz Khalifa <3
- Food - lasagna, tacos, rice and kabayaki, yummmm...
- Star gazing :)
- Ragestache comics
- Flapjack and Cap'n Knuckles
- Dean from Supernatural
- Smiles from people
- New York

Well heck, I love a lot of things but those are the ones I can list from the top of my head. And I love you :)

I would say more about myself but this is getting kinda long and you probably want to say something about yourself, so feel free! Tell me something good, tell me that you like it! :D


okkieedokkielokkie :) it's ok it happens. but thanks for letting me know about the typo..didnt even realize i did that

oh, sry i'm human. i'm sure you've never made a mistake like that before

You're either trolling me or have never seen THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD! 'Grey's Anatomy' is an amazing show!!<3

"I want surgery to make my body hot."

Hi there! I saw it was your birthday today so I just thought I'd drop by and say: Happy Birthday!

Yes it was related to research

My mom was offered to go to Palau a few years back.

What island do you live on?

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