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About me.
So. Let's get down to business. (To defeat the Huns? Justkidding.)
I'm 15. From California. I don't surf. 'Nuff said.
Should I give you my name? I don't know. What if you show up at my doorstep someday, claiming to be in love with me?
Just kidding. I'm Jeff.
Or am I?

I like puns.
Camping is intense. If you get that, you're my new hero, 'cause everyone else looks at me weird when I say it.

I'm super corny. I live on cheesy quotes and love from my friends.
...See what I mean?

I love to read. Books, articles, magazines, anything. Except terms and conditions on websites. To those, I say, screw you.

I'm Buddhist. Didn't see that coming, did you? But I don't meditate. And I have hair.

Yeah. I'm sorry, I'm not as exciting as other people. But if you were bored enough to read this all the way through, then why are you on the computer? GET OFF THE INTERNET, AND DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE.

I like to argue, occasionally. My only problem is that I'm not good at it. :P You have been warned.

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We have an outdoor track too. But it's currently covered in ice and snow and dead bits of grass. My cafeteria is called the "lower commons", even though there's no upper commons to speak of. It's odd.

Yeah, my presentations are really long. Like my teacher will tell me to write a paragraoph to opresent to the class, and I write a PAPER(this happened to me today). My team didn't win, but I took second in my event. Damn first place girl beats me ever y time. We're going tot oo regionals on saturday...bus time: 6am! latest it's ever been.

My year has a homework halp group that stuff's constantly being posted on. it's useful. I use it a lot. Mostly it's peppered with questions like: "Do you think Mr H would notice if I changed the font from 12 to 12.5?" and stuff like that.

yeah, i';ve got one. i won't tell you; i don't post stuff much and it's weird....hahaha....

It's nice. But you can't wear spikes on it, so it's kind of annoying. Ah! i HAD A PE TEACHER LIKE THAT LAST YEAR. HE WAS AWFUL. But, on the bright side, the high school PE center(yeah, that's what we call it. super-pretentious, i know). Yeah, I've read too many books in the Chesapeake Bay setting,.

I know! It's even worse when you KNOW you should stop talking, but you CAN'T! I'm telling myself, "JUST SHUTTUPPP!" but I can't! Yes, I am! You're in 2 speech clubs!? We just have one! And Yeah, we travel. Every Saturday. We're going someplace far this weekend, so the bus time's 5 o'clock. Ick.

Oh, I know. People do it on facebook all the time, and I just want to tell them to stop. It's so annoying. And the posts only get worse as they break up by the next week.

I;ve neevr tried accessing Tuymblr...I should. My school's blocked youtube too, most annoying thing ever

Nah, don't worry, I sometimes thank people too. You're welcome :)

That would be amazing. I hate the indoor track at my school, first of all because it's ugly, second because it's difficult to run on, and third because the varsity boys' basketball team practices there, and who wants to look unattractive and sweaty in front of the really hot junior and senior boys? shallow, but still a contributing factor. also, it's REALLY hot in the PE center, so i'm dying by lap 2. i just hate it overall. Bay area? at first i thought you meant Chesapeake! JEALOUSY. i wish i could run outside during the winter without freezing my **** off.

NO, YOU'RE NOT! :D I ramble a LOT. When it comes to getting my point across, whether it be text, IM, conversation, whatever - less is definitely not more. No wonder I'm on my school speech team.... old boyfriend's conversational skills sucked.

him: hey
me: hi! what's up?
him: nm u
me: was that movie you saw today? i heard it got really crappy reviews.
him: ok.

you can imagine it from there. pretty sad.

hetalia is....Flawless. America's hair is insured for $10,000. I heard Germany does car Japan. France's favorite movie is Varsity Blues. One time Italy met John Stamos on a plane....and he told him he looked stupid. One time, Russia punched me in the was awesome.

please tell me you know what that's from.

haha, my school's blocked just about everything....but amirite. it's awesome.

Indoor cross country trails....yeah, that'd be magnificent. Hm, do you live someplace warm, if you have trains in the middle of December?

Oh I know! I sent rambling text messages to my friends and they're like, "hey, i didn't catch the last 600 words of your message..." And I talk way too much. It's certainly unattractive.

HETALIA is freaking HILARIOUS. Chibi Italy is soo cute! Haha! And the "Germany Song" leaves me self-combusting in laughter every time. "And it doesn't suck like english food..." oh hahaha

I prefer road/trails, but living in the midwest....I'd get frostbite. I hate the elliptical, but I really have no choice.

Are you kidding? I'm the queen of rambling. That was NOTHING.

I LOVE HETALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had no time to watch it recently(too much time on the elliptical! just kidding), so I'm STILL only on the 2nd episode.


And me too! I feel like I'm coated in fat. It's gross.

I TRY to elliptical-treadmill-run the track whenever I can, but without my running-psycho-health-freak coach to make me, it's hard.

Me too! My team is amazing :D

lol thanks! it was so long to type! haha i typed it by memorization(: but i really loved it and i cried when she said it haha

i love the first line of your profile :P

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