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About me.
Hi I'm Mason. I really don't like my first name but my last name is pretty awesome... Therefore I left it in my username. I really hate when people say lol (el oh el) because most of the time its not even close to being funny enough to actually laugh out loud. If I ever say lol just know that I'm pronouncing it lawl which simply means that was funny and nothing more.
I live in America (Indiana)... I'm 18 and I really need to update my bio but don't really feel like it... I play guitar (electric)... That's pretty much it...
I am currently playing guitar for a band called AbelsLaughter. We've played some good shows, some of the better ones with:
Hawthorne Heights
Veil of Maya
The Contortionist
Born of Osiris
For Fallen Dreams
I the Breather
Bury Your Dead
Impending Doom
The Chariot
The Browning

We hope to get some bigger shows and play more places.
I have some videos on youtube (covers and originals)
You can check me out in a non-creepy way at

I survived the last zombie apocalypse so I can survive this

Attention anyone that cares... Attention anyone that doesn't care!
Ashley_The_Guitarist is probably cooler than you... Unless it's Ashley then you're probably equal :P
oh and anellex33 can eat more candy corn than you... BIFFLE!!!!!!!!!
Also joining the biffle circle is LAWLRUS WHO IS FREAKEN AWESOME D:
and thatdaydreamer makes a better Egyptian than you
and purplepermissionhaha knows where apple juice truly comes from


I'd give you my heart,
And let you just hold it.
I'd give you my soul,
But I already sold it.

On that day,
That day I walked away in December.
I will always remember.
I'll regret it forever.

i wish i was laying in bed ;_; i'm on here like every day lol

what's up? :D

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