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About me.
My name is Stephen and I have a hole in my sock. I don’t need to get a Mohawk or punch some walls to show how hardcore I am. Give me sour candy and I’ll look Chinese for you. Speaking of the Chinese, People have witnessed me attack one for not giving me chocolate. When I say “LMAO” I’m actually laughing but it doesn’t come off. I’m not afraid to tell you if you have something stuck in your teeth. I have a crush on my iPod, its getting pretty serious. I hate when people can't spell or type 71k3 th1$ @77 th3 t1m3. So don't talk to me if you do that. Also don’t send me your stupid Facebook app invites. I do not want to join your mafia or own everybody and their grandma. I’m a complete klutz so be nice or I’ll trip over something and fall on you. I don’t party like its 1999 so don’t invite me. I don’t need to drink to have fun or smoke to look cool. I have a hard time being serious and I’m usually quoting Facebook statuses and Funny Groups when I’m talking. I make up my own words. I’ll probably nickname you something totally offensive and bizarre. I’m really pale, go ahead and make fun of me. At least I won’t get skin cancer. I take everything to heart and am easily saddened. I have a slight temper and will threaten to bomb your house if you make me mad. I hold grudges. I express myself through writing; I write poetry, stories, and random journal entries which you can read online. I’m deathly afraid of grasshoppers. I’m a super perv and will laugh at anything that’s inappropriate.And in closing I’m the best thing since frozen burritos.


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