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About me.
Ah, I see that the Assassins have failed. Damn.

Hello there. My name is M_, but you can call me M_. Or XsoulXsnatcherX, whatever floats your boat. I am proud to say that I do play video games, but I am not someone who will repeat it a thousand times in a conversation. But I tend to brag sometimes about it, I admit. Only if I meet/talk to someone who lashes out at female gamers. Btw, Xbox 360.

My goal on amirite is to be one of the 'greats' as I call them. (Yes, I just made a Horton Hears A Who reference) The greats are amiriters like QuaintPancakes, Polarthebear, BreakfastFan, and other famous members of this wonderful site.

I got POTD on January 25th (amirite time) 2011: http://www.amirite.net/479260

This is currently the best video in existence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?an...amp;feature=iv

Thats pretty much all you need to know right now. If you are really that interested in me, then just message me down there


wussup M_

You a Charlie fan?

How am I supposed to pimp ma wall?

alright, well which ever one you are on more add me cause i dont have room for both.
iTz Shelbi Baby

I am a girl gamer too, mostly blackops and uno lol Do you play xbox or ps3?

Not particularly, it was a spontaneous rumination

oh little big planet is a pretty good game. im kinda pissed that brotherhood came out for the ps3:/

what is your picture of? i like the assassins creed clothes but whats the little dude wearing them?

get your **** back in the kitchen, wench

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