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About me.
Hey I am Acacia
I am Eighteen
A Graduate
Love Friends and Family
I Love Tattoos, Plan to get More
And Hey I am a **** and Love to Speak my Mind
Love me or Hate me
Because I don't care


Wow, what a ****.

Then why did it say "you think your smart and your right?" That means I'm smart. How do YOU not understand that?

That didn't even make any sense, so I'm just going to move on. Do you care to explain what in the world "you think your smart and your right but you aren't" means? And how it makes any sense at all? We'll go from there.

"i will give you legit points" Are you even reading what you're sending to me? And sorry to tell you but if you're not willing to back up your current argument and you're not going to provide a new argument, you basically are backing down.

You haven't even given me a single good point. All you've done is say that I'm a smart **** and stuck up. Over and over and over again, and it's not even a point. You're just trying to insult me and failing miserably. I feel like I need to give you one thing at a time because I keep showing you multiple ways that you have gone against what you already said and made yourself seem completely stupid, but you apparently don't understand well enough to answer properly, so I'll just give you one this time and see how you do with that.

In your message you said that you weren't going to give me any examples because you're not three. Then you proceeded to give me an example. So I was showing you how you said one thing and then did another. Do you understand this time?

Oh, and I'm asking for examples, because that's how you properly argue. You don't insult someone with the same two insults ten times, you use legitimate points and back them up with examples. So let me know when you're able to do that.

"Well first of all i am not going to give examples." So, yeah, you said you weren't going to give examples. Your only point seems to be that I'm a stuck-up smart ****, you haven't given me anything to prove this point, and to be honest, I'm not really offended by it. So anytime you're willing to admit that you lost this greatly I'd be happy to leave you alone.

"you seem like a gal who talks like this has been punched"--What does that even mean? That is not a sentence.

"you think your smart and your right but you arent"--So am I or aren't I? I think I'm smart and I'm right (so I am smart), but then I'm not.

"you acted like a baby because you came back when i said goodbye"--So using this definition, weren't you also being a baby by taunting me after I said first that we should be done.

It's really sad that you think you're good at arguing, because I gave you seven points to work with and you only answered one in a way that was easily demolished.

And you said you weren't going to give examples, but then you did. So, yeah, that was kind of funny.

She's annoying...

1) In what way have I acted "preppy?" Please show me an example of this. 2) I was offering you an olive branch and ending this pointless argument with a really stupid person, but you decided to throw out the "But have to be honest you don't got the 'black belt' in arguing (:" at me and then say that I "came back to me like a little baby" when I was just answering to your insult, which you obviously knew I would. 3) You have yet to show me where I was being stuck up, so while we're at it, I'll ask for that example, also. 4) What have I said that isn't "real?" 5) That semicolon in your first sentence was incorrect--stop trying to seem smart by using them. I haven't seen you use a single one correctly. 6) How can I be "those preppy girls?" Last time I checked, I was just one person. 7) I know you're going to say that grammar doesn't matter, and I agree that you don't need to use perfect grammar on the internet. However, there is a difference between not using perfect grammar and just sounding unintelligent, which is how you come off when you say things like "you don't got" and basically every other you've said.

It's sad, because you think you actually won. It's not fun when the other person isn't as smart as you.

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