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About me.
Ciao! Call me Sabrina. I have a few nicknames...I don't like them. Just Sabrina.

Birthday: June 13th, 1993

Political Views: Democratic...yay anti-death penalty

Born and raised Roman Catholic. Why yes I do follow many of the beliefs of the church...don't try and start an argument on this or add in your two sense...I don't care

Starting college in the fall to study biochemistry and creative writing...might do a little theatre...who knows.

I was on colour guard in high school..loved every minute of it and I'm hoping to create a guard at my college...who knows maybe I will start something :)

Harry Potter, horror flicks, and tattoos are my weaknesses. Love them all far to much.

I enjoy reading in general. It's my favorite pastime. Percy Jackson, HP, Witch and Wizard, Vampire Diaries,The Dark Divine, any and all Stephen King novels, 1984, Lord of the Flies, plays, etc. I am quite a fan of horror, fantasy, and science fiction novels. There is currently a rather large pile of books sitting in my room just waiting to be devoured.

I am a huge BBC fan. Doctor Who, Torchwood, Primeval, Being Human, Sarah Jane name it, I''ve propably seen at least one episode of it. (Not to say I do not watch American shows...How I Met Your Mother makes me laugh to no end


Your picture gave me nightmares.

And when teachers take attendance on the first day they always have to make a joke about Sabrina the Teenage Witch -.-

Have you been called Sab/Sabby/Brina/Rina/Sabribri? xD Cause I have. (my name is also Sabrina)

Could be worse. At least you got to ACT like you were stabbed :D and not really stabbed. OR! what if the writers decided they wanted her to suffer and die slowly and painfully?! Consider yourself lucky :]

Hmmm... I think I remember which one that was...maybe. :P Was it fun?

Hmmm... I think I remember which one that was...maybe. :P Was it fun?

Lolol I've been home for 2 hours nearly :$ One good thing about England, I get home before everyone else.

Not much, just tired really. (wary) You?

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