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Spend a total of 1 week in the amirite? chat room.
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Jun 9th '18

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Jul 25th '11

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Jun 9th '18 (83rd)Chuck_Tom Jun 2nd '18 (82nd) Zolfie May 9th '18 (81st) Sunny_the_skeptic Oct 26th '17 (80th) Tiffanee Oct 25th '17 (79th) Bub Oct 18th '17 (78th) AliceD May 9th '17 (77th) LittleRed Feb 15th '17 (76th) TomboyJanet Sep 9th '16 (75th) OzSurfer May 6th '16 (74th) primeiro Apr 22nd '16 (73rd)Goatjumper Sep 28th '15 (71st) JMP Aug 27th '15 (70th) Drue Jul 22nd '15 (69th) JakGoatjumper Jul 13th '15 (68th) Ang98 Mar 11th '13 (67th) fuzala Oct 20th '12 (66th)Catbaaned Oct 4th '12 (65th) Detective Sep 21st '12 (64th)skyhighatrist Sep 14th '12 (63rd) ling_ling Aug 3rd '12 (62nd) Scup Jul 28th '12 (61st) BonslyGuy Jul 15th '12 (60th) Skr3wBall Jun 23rd '12 (59th) SpearmintMilk Jun 19th '12 (58th) KickAss Jun 16th '12 (57th) FlotatiousTurd Jun 16th '12 (56th) Handsy Jun 15th '12 (55th) cheshire_cat Jun 15th '12 (54th) caleb Jun 3rd '12 (53rd) shelbybuckffs Jun 2nd '12 (52nd) deeviant May 15th '12 (51st) Montana May 6th '12 (50th) Sarah Apr 26th '12 (49th) SemiColin Apr 14th '12 (48th) Shadi Mar 24th '12 (47th) Loser Mar 11th '12 (46th)Chromana Mar 8th '12 (45th) Mike_Hawk Feb 19th '12 (44th) Sun Feb 6th '12 (43rd) DandyLion Feb 5th '12 (42nd) heethebobo Jan 31st '12 (41st) ilikefurrywolves4815 Jan 20th '12 (40th) Hullabaloo Jan 17th '12 (39th) Kellie Jan 12th '12 (38th) DarthJader Dec 19th '11 (37th) Edward_FINNA Dec 18th '11 (36th) sugarbaby Dec 8th '11 (35th)Montezuma Nov 26th '11 (34th) Drewt Nov 23rd '11 (33rd) supposedtobestudying

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