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About me.
I'm Asa, I'm 15

Live in NY, not the city, the state

Favorite song-
Proud of You by 10 Years
other favorite bands and songs-
Tears don't fall by Bullet for My Valentine
Red Sky by Thrice
Lips of an Angel by Hinder
Everything by Crossfade
Remember the Name by Fort Minor
Everything but Second Chance by Shinedown
Refugee by Tribal Ink
Cellar Door by Escape the Fate

Love rock climbing, and backpacking, though I don't get to go as often as i'd like

I'm torn between doing something that will make me lots of money when I get older, and doing something that I love

I've been paragliding once, would repeat the experience in a second
Hopefully going skydiving as soon as I legally can (16)

Play soccer, lacrosse

Snowboarding is pretty much my life in the winter, mountain biking in the summer

I guess I'm an adrenaline junky, unfortunately most of the things that are insanely fun are expensive, if you have any suggestions PLEASE leave me a message haha, anything interesting

Inception was a good movie

Breaking Bad, Blue Mountain State, Scrubs, and Walking Dead are good shows

I don't really care about winning that much, in soccer and lacrosse anyway, playing is fun enough in and of itself

I enjoy chess and other thinking games

Like any of the bands I like? give me some other music suggestions, i'm constantly looking for new music

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If you're looking for new music, then you should check out

All the cool stuff you've done. Like rockclimbing, paragliding, snowboarding and mountain biking. Sounds so fun. I don't think I could skydive though.

I'm so jealous right now. (d)

Too many to name.
Here's a few:
Rise Against
Attack Attack
Bullet for my Valentine
Breaking Benjamin
and HU

I like your taste in music

No but i go every summer to visit family, east northport on long island!

What part of NY do you live in?

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