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About me.
i'm emily. i'm 15, even though i look 7 because i'm 4'10". i'm a potterhead, whovian, nerdfighter, gleek, and overall dork.
i'm in love with at least a dozen youtubers, most of which live outside of america. i'm a sucker for accents :)
i love to read, but mostly kid books because i swear i'm 5 on the inside... i also love goldfish and fruit snacks and disney.
my motto is hakuna matata; no worries

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My name is Miss.(cynthia johnson);i saw your profile today
and i really love it.Plz contact me at my e-mail id (,i will give you full introduction of my self also send you my pictures.and there is important issue i like to tell you.waiting to hear from you.

May peace be with you. I am Miracle. Actually, We may not known in person but relationship can start like this!. Please, I’m sorry if I am embarrassing you by my gesture. I really wish to be your friend, learn to know you and to have a place in your heart for an ideal relationship with us. I will be very happy if you contact me at ( for my picture and more about me.
See you soon?
Thanks in advance and remain blessed!

Hi i like your profile picture :) i also love darren criss

Im 14 too, and I love The Beatles

Hahahaha that's awesome!

I haven't watched any episodes since... Duets, I think :/ My internet has been crap, so I've been unsuccessful at watching them... But is Blaine the one that is the dude in A Very Potter Musical that's like... Kurts man?

But Kurt... God I love that faggot. So fucking much.

Oh, and I also found it amusing that when I looked at our conversation it said "My conversation with that nerdy white girl"

Obviously without the spaces and such, but it was still amusing. :D


Today during a student council meeting I threw a pen at a girl because she said that DH was stupid. I wasn't being entirely serious while doing so, but it's the thought... or I suppose the act that counts, amirite? :)

I can definitely respect your Ravenclawness, because I think that if I weren't so in love with Slytherin, I'd probably be a Ravie too.

Yay for February birthdays :) At almost midnight :) We win.

Oh, and looking at your profile, I see you like Glee too. Best. Show. Ever. By far. Hands down. Who's your favorite character? Mine is Kurt :)

And Yay! I'm so happy to have a new best friend :D

oh mann, that sucks, I remember for the Half Blood Prince midnight showing they couldn't get the movie to start but like 15 minutes later they got it

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