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About me.
-I'm incredibly picky
-I can pop both hips out of place on command
-My back top teeth can't touch my bottom teach due to bad orthodontists
-My favorite toy when I was a baby was my stuffed cat, Marty
-My biggest fears are of vomiting, snakes, and loved ones dying
-My favorite starbust flavor is pink
-My favorite activity was scaring my brother with lies
-I bit a hole through my tongue when I was two
-I'm no good at sports (except gymnastics and cheerleading)
-I visited NYC in 2010 and I'm dying to live there at some point
-I was inexplicably terrified of my grandpa until i was 3
-Cruella DeVille was my favorite Disney character for a long time
-The only bone I've ever broken was my tailbone
-I hate running with a passion
-I drink waay more Mtn. Dew than I should
-My favorite clothes brand is Hollister
-I'm 5'7"
-My favorite colors are coral and teal
-Favorite band is Fleetwood Mac
-I'm planning on going skydiving on my 16th birthday
-Favorite food is bacon


Can you pop both out at the same time?

You can pop both hips out of place on command? O_O

ikr i love going there alot :)

i want to live in new york city too:)

Yeah haha I bought like an actual Lady Gaga wig. They had costumes but none were appropriate for school so I wore a Gaga shirt and skinny jeans with heels. Oh yeah and sunglasses.

It took me a sec to remember what we were talking about haha but I felt so strange with curly Lady Gaga hair.

Hi. I am also incredibly picky and my socks never match either. Also, I dressed up as Lady Gaga for school on character day. Kind of near Halloween, so I think its the same.

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