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About me.
-Well, I'm a vetran Amiriter, but my ** forgot my old account's password, and I'm somewhat embarassed by the stuff on there. So, my lazy ** just mad a new account.
-I'm 17, just over 5 feet tall, and a horrible speller.
-To make up for my spelling, I'm basically a grammar nazi.
-I've been in sports my entire life. I'm down to just softball now, and it's nice.
-If I added you and you're a guy, chances are I think you're hot (:
-I'm straight, but I won't hate you if you're not.
-I love my friends, my cat, naps, my Blackberry, Mac Miller (I looove him!), working out, yoga and dance.
-I don't like liars, sweat, unpainted nails, castsof any kind, and all the hours until 3 PM on week days.
-I have never had a job in my life, but I'm gonna be a life guard this summer!
-I love God. If you don't that's fine.
-If I do anything important in my life, I really want it to be helping some one find the the cure to cancer. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of all the children who we have lost through this disease. I'm not going to be the scientist that figures it out, but I hope that in some way, I can help find the cure.
-On the same depressing note, I lost a boy who was like my little brother on August 12th, 2010. I miss him soo much. Cancer takes kids before their time, and that's not fair to anyone. RIP Gabe, let the dinos in heaven keep you happy.
-On a happier note, dinos are one of the coolest things in the world. As a kid, my dinos played with my Barbies.
-I live between two rivers, and I've grown up on my boat. I love kneeboarding, wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, just anything I can do behind a boat.
-My friends are the best. I'm single, but I'm okay with that. I'm just happy to be living life.
-I want to be a news anchor when I grow up. Or some one's PR person.
-I edit this about 3 times a week. Not kidding.
-I'm a people person, so get at me! Let's talk about anything.
-Wanna find me, hit me on Twitter. (If you can tell me what Mac Miller song this is from, I'll love you forever.)


bahahahahah. I wonder if he actually thought he would get any positive replies.

LMAO thats priceless. Yeah the only reason he doesnt care about our gender, age or race is because he likes doing them all lol.

LOL. I know I was like wtf?? I seriously doubt he was from "Sudan" and he likes to "sing and dance." People like that scare me.

So friend request? What's up with that! :)

Yeah I agree. I closed the blinds after that I felt so violated.

just saw how you owned that sweetlove111 and wanted to salute you for doing so. I'm pretty sure that person was both a guy and a pedophile lol.

Oh god sorry... I don't believe we have met. (Just read grammar Nazi part)

Hey person. Don't believe we have met?

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