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About me.
Favorites!- Daniel
Color- Navy Blue
Band- Linkin Park/Green Day
Ice cream- Mint Chocolate Chip
Number- 77
Word- Freshershist
Food- Tacos
Brand- Nike
Actor- Adam Sandler
Movie- The Longest Yard
TV show- Tosh.0/The Office/
Sport- Tennis/Soccer/Basketball
Car- Chevy Camaro
Dog- Labrador Retriever
Holiday- Christmas
Game- Call of Dudy: Black Ops
Animal- Eagle
Book- The Bible
State- Texas
Rapper- Eminem/Jay-Z
Genre- Alternative/Rap/Hip-Hop
Youtube Celeb.- RWJ
Day- July 26
Actor- Robert Downey Jr.
Channel- Comedy Central
Restaurant- T.G.I. Friday\'s
Olympic Athlete- Apolo Anton Ohno
Planet- Earth
NFL Team- Steelers
NBA Team- Celtics
Tennis Player- Rafael Nadal
Soccer Team- Mexico
NHL Team- Red Wings
President- George W. Bush
NBL- Texas Rangers
To be Continued...


ya I agree, they just rely on their power line too much, somebody has to find a way to beat it eventually. this is the first time that i actually want the lakers to win, and thats only if theyre beating miami

ya it sucks. im gonna be pissed if they win the title

ya i think everybody does by now. and i used to like lebron and bosh.

haha k celtics are cool. anybody but miami. suns prefirably but im not really following anybody this year.

dude thats cool. also i read your bio thing and i approve. except for the spurs, i dont enjoy them.

But you do. It's okay, I won't tell anyone :)

They are THE best team. And you know you love them :)

HA thats funny. You love them, don't lie :)

Nope. Patriots :)

Hahahaha touche :P

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