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About me.
My name is Annie, 17 years old.

I'm mexican & live in Mexico. I used to live in the USA though.
-I race motocross with my dad.
-I like to paint, a lot.
-I'm very tall, I'm about 5'8. Well, very tall compared to my friends and family.
-I look down a lot when I take pictures because I don't like my eyes.
-I play the piano and I give piano lessons to some friends, its really frustrating.
-Im the girl who acts like she is in the olympics when its just gym class.
-I'm obsessed with the Titanic, I'm not even kidding its not socially acceptable anymore.
-I love to be alone, and spend time by myself. I do like to be with my friends but most of the time I rather be alone.
-People need to learn how to **** DRIVE... or get out of my way.
-Zelda ocarina of time is the best videogame ever.... EVER. & Super Smash Bros Melee.
-Once I saw how a car ran over a child and I will never, ever get that image out of my head.
-I play golf with my grandfather sometimes, he is my hero (l)
-I sleep walk and it scares the hell out of my sister.
-I've had more than 21 X-RAYS and my doctor says I can't have anymore due to radiation.
-I can't stand the girls who post depressing status on facebook. Tell a therapist, not facebook.
-PLEASE tell me your favorite horror movie... pretty please? (smile)
-I hate cockroaches with such a PASSION.
-I'm really scared of planes, clowns and elevators.
-I read a lot, I spend a lot of time in the library, and I love reading psychology books. Make my day and tell me your favorite book?
-I love spiders and snakes.
-I hate Glee.
-I know 3 languages. I still have to work on my french though.
-Interrupting a sentence with "DINOSAUR" or "RAWRR" does not make you random... it makes you **** annoying.
-People who say they don't care what people think are usually desperate to have people think they don't care what people think.
-I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't do drugs. I think I deserve a cookie for that.
- I have an Expecto Patronum tattoo on my hip. & Yes I do regret it but not because of the spell or the word, but because I lost a lot of weight and now it just doesn't look good, I don't know how to explain it but the word Patronum is kind of going up instead of staying at the same level the word Expecto is. Yeah I know I'm an idiot.
I got POTD once-

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did you leave?

I put you over the top for "BEST. POST. EVER."

(Also, it looks like a self help book or something, but it's really not. The cover just talks a lot about happiness and crap.)

My favorite psychology book is The Social Animal. It's really interesting, you should check it out! I really learned loads and loads.

Heyyyy :)

My favorite horror movie is Incidious... Pretty mainstream but it was good. My favorite book is probably a Jodi Picoult book. And super smash bros melee is AWESOME!

"Zelda ocarina of time is the best videogame ever.... EVER"
YES! Yes so much (goo)

I drove through there on my way to Colima once!

Where in Mexico do you live? My dad's from Guadalajara but I have family all over.

It's been forever so I thought I'd say hi :)

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