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About me.
I really like Sturgeon's law and Schrodinger's Cat. Does that make me weird? Thanks to my AP Human Geography class I'm also kind of hooked on documentaries. If you've seen a good one message me and let me know; I'll watch pretty much anything, including Being Elmo, which surprisingly is now at the top of my lists of favorites. I'm quite appreciative of good grammar and sentence structure, and I love it when I see a semicolon being used properly-though I don't always use them in the right instances myself.

I AM A FEMALE- or is it I AM FEMALE? Im not sure.

If you can identify where this quote is from I'll....well I can't really give or offer you anything but just know you're awesome. Anyway, here is the quote: "I am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me. Those seem to be the two choices. Everything else is just killing time."


Thank you.

It was.

I don't think you're annoying. As long as you're not spamming smilies and quoting cookie-cutter memes or trying to convert me to some religion or just generally being obnoxious, you're fine.

I admit to have a bit of a crush on Big Mac. I have no idea why. I just picture him to be quite attractive were he to be a human.

Yeah well I knew that but I had no idea where the whole spiel came from lol

I like Fluttershy, she's one of my favorite characters, though maybe Applejack is the first in the mane six

I like your username, haha.

My dad is very "cynical" as well and he just says he's a realist. Some of his"realism" has rubbed off on me over the years.

Yeah, as long as those four words in that order are in one of your comments, you get 30 points.

Also, wall virginity is totally mine.

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