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About me.
I should probably put something here. I'll just add some random stuff about myself, just like basically every other user. Woohoo!

-I love hockey, especially the eternally great DETROIT RED WINGS. If you disagree, I will give you ten reasons why they are better than your team.

-U2 are pretty awesome ( I've seen two shows on their 360 tour) and so are Cage the Elephant, Two Door Cinema Club, Arcade Fire, etc. I also like various classic rock and heay metal bands. Just not, you know, pop, country, hip hop, or any similar genre.

-I am currently typing this on my phone, which has been left in Gettysburg, gone swimming, been dropped on its head, and basically been abused enough times that it has a full arsenal of cracks and the V key only works with twenty tons of force put onto it.

-Holy crap, that was one whole sentence.

-My friend once wrote a single sentence about a guy named Silas that was around 830 words in length and employed the use of seeral semicolons, among other things, but was still grammatically correct.

-I love Pandora, especially when i listen to movie soundtracks on it. The best was when Mission:Impossible came on when I was trying to finish a project in five minutes.

-HOLY CRAP ZOMFG FINDING NEMO SOUNDTRACK excuse me while I revel in the awesomeness

-As I was typing the previous, The Impossibles soundtrack. More reveling to be done.

-The above are two of my favorite movies. Others include all of the Harry Potter series (I was at the midnight premiere BOOYAH i basically fangasmed the whole time, Inception, Star Wars

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My name is Miss.(cynthia johnson);i saw your profile today
and i really love it.Plz contact me at my e-mail id (,i will give you full introduction of my self also send you my pictures.and there is important issue i like to tell you.waiting to hear from you.

i like your info thing hahahahahahahaha i am seriously on the floor laughing right now hahahahaha you should read mine :D

Really? That's cool!

I'm in world history honors too. And I'll give you my five reasons:
1. I sing/act.
2. I have the biggest Harry Potter obsession in the grade. (And I don't have a crush on Draco Malfoy. I just think he's HOT, always have and always will.)
3. I actually take the time to care about certain types of citrus.
4. I AM friends with Amina.

Give me five reasons why your cooler than me.

Okay. I don't know if you understand this, but I am CLEMENTINES. NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING is cooler than Clementines.

Hahaha that's cute. You thing your cooler than me.

Almost as cool as me.

YOU'RE cool.

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