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About me.
- Born and raised in New York (Long Island). Therefore, I drive, argue, and tawk like one. Sorry. I'm very hot headed sometimes. Must be the Italian Jew in me.
- Currently living and attending college in Virginia (GMU).
- Will be 21 in about two months and I can't freakin' wait.
- Fourth year senior, looking at 5 years. Not too happy about it, but what can ya do?
- Full time student with many part time jobs.
- Music education major with a theater minor.
- Oboe is my main instrument, but I can also play English Horn, Clarinet, and Alto Sax well, piano, flute, bassoon, and strings decently, and everything else enough to be able to stumble through a bit of it.
- I am a member of Kappa Kappa Psi, a co-ed national honorary music fraternity. I will be president of my chapter this year. I am also a member of our colony of Sigma Alpha Iota, a female music fraternity.
- I am president of our CMENC (Collegiate music educators club).
- I am a member of the Green Machine, go youtube us if you don't know who we are coz, not gonna lie, we're pretty dang awesome.
- Don't really do sports, just getting the hang of basketball for pep band though.
- Was straight and fell in love with a female. I guess I'd consider myself Bi now, but who knows if I'd date another woman if me and girlfriend ever break up. Only time will tell.
- I believe in fate. I believe everything happens for a reason, even if it sucks. I believe in love and love at first sight.
- I do not believe in divorce because if you loved someone enough to marry them, there must have been something there in the first place. Most problems can be sorted through. Again, there are exceptions to every rule though (in this case it would be abusive, cheated, psychopathic murderer, etc).
- I like to think I'm a pretty moral person.
- I like words and word games.
- I believe in second chances.
- I believe there is good in everybody somewhere. Whether it seeps out of them like sweat on a fat man running or is buried deeper than the Earths core, I don't believe that anybody can be truly evil through and through.
- I love animals but I am also extremely carnivorous and LOVE steak.
- My parents are still together...surprisingly at times.
- I'm Jewish. Had a bat-mitzvah, confirmation, went all the way through Hebrew high school. Try to get to shabbat services and high holy days, but I've been described as a "social Jew" by some people and I think the label fits me well. I don't keep kosher, before you ask. I can read Hebrew but I have no idea what the heck I'm saying, and I'd like to change that ASAP.
- I took American Sign Language through middle and high school and I love it. It's a beautiful language. Getting a bit rusty but I used to be really good. Won second place in a national story telling contest in high school.
- I was really smart in high school. National honor society, college level courses, Tri-M music honor society, ASL Honor society, etcetc. Once I got to college, things got a bit harder, but hey at least I can brag about my smarts from HS right?
- That being said, I am the biggest procrastinator, but I'm really good at BSing my way through things and taking test; much to the dismay of some of my classmates who study for hours when I don't.
- I usually lean Democratic, but vary on certain things.
- Not for the death penalty- I think that just teaches people it's ok to kill people. That, and those bastards should rot in jail thinking about what they've done for the rest of their lives.
- Against abortion unless the mother's life is seriously in danger or it's a case of rape/incest/the like. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
- Along with that, I support adoption.
- Obviously, seeing as I'm dating a woman, have been for over a year, and can see myself with her forever, I support gay marriage. We should be able to marry and have the option of adopting children. Hell, if we're fighting so hard to be able to do these things, don't you think our persistence should show that we really want to be doing these things?
- I like most music..not the biggest fan of rap or country but I can understand why others do.
- Huge broadway music nerd.
- I am a very aggressive and road ragey driver. Sorry.
- I will defend myself and things I believe in very heatedly.
- I tend to get pompous and use big words and educational arguments if I'm passionate in my arguments about something. I guess it's my way of making myself feel smart.
- I have ADD, depression, possibly bi-polar disorder, hypothyroidism, and probably will have diabetes at some point in the hopefully distant future. I have also lived with a bi-polar parent and a parent who refuses to seek professional psychiatric help, despite multiple people encouraging it. I used to cut but have worked through it with the help of great friends.
- People who push their religious beliefs on me piss me the hell off.
- Fluent in sarcasm.
- I enjoy a good night's sleep or a good nap, but sadly I don't get those too often. Yay college.
- Yes, drummers are sexy. My girlfriend is one and I think it's hot. Go on, judge me. I play the oboe, you can't hurt me. I'm already bottom rung.
- I love a corny joke or pickup line. Make me laugh. It's a persons best feature in my opinion.
- PeOplE wHo TyPe Lyke THiS are aNnOyInG and ShOuld go Awayy

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So how would you recommend going about it? Would you rather be signed by the initials or the other signs, if they have?

So then, for what is it that Arizona have 2 different signs? One is AZ, and the other is following your thumb around your chin.

Hmm, seems simple enough. Just one last question before I attempt to learn it: Why are there two ways to say many things on that website?

So, "Future store I go," is I will go to the store soon?

So you just completely drop the conjugations? Then (if it's not too much of a bother), how do you say "I was hungry"?

How would you find the formulas for sentences online? For example: "Yesterday, while I was at the store, I got some carrots."
Would it be "Yesterday at store I carrots got"?

Actually, that'd be nice. Is it anything like English grammar?

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