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About me.
I'm Tim.
I'm 17.
My picture first of all, was me and my friend making fun of "douche" pics on facebook. He insisted on hashtagging SaltLife, Brotime, YOLO, and Kidswhodothisaregay.
Obviously i play drums, and alot of them.
I'M ODD... but fun!
Wild-berry pop tarts are the shit.
I'm very nocturnal yet I love the summer.
I think the most when im in the shower.
I'm a music/band nerd. Get used to it.
Whitacre > Lil Wayne
Ticheli > Adele
Grainger > Katy Perry
and so on and so forth
I normally dont use Oxford Commas.
I play drums, piano, guitar, bass guitar, mandolin and I want to learn how to play basically every instrument on the earth.
If theres an opportunity for me to make a situation awkard, i will pounce on that opportunity.
I tend to overthink things.
I tend to be facetious during alot of my conversations with people. A bit of a curse since it doesn't help with people understanding what I really stand for.
I plan on becoming a music major at Florida State University and becoming part of their Big 8 Drumline.
I also plan on trying out for a DCI Corps in college. Either Bluecoats or Carolina Crown.
Randomly talking royal and proper amuses me... I can amuse myself easily.
Im a pretty easy guy to get along with and I'm pretty much happy all the time.
Like the non-organization of my bio?

I listen to a wide array of music, and i mean WIDE
Favorite bands (be prepared)
- Between the Buried and Me
- The Crimson Armada (Only stuff from Gaurdians mainly)
- Pink Floyd (TOP BAND)
- John Mayer
- August Burns Red
- Protest the Hero
- A Day to Remember
- Justice
- Future of Forestry (LOOK THEM UP!)
- Underoath (mainly pre Aaron leaving)
- The Almost
- Gnarls Barkley
- Death Cab for Cutie
- Coldplay
- Daft Punk
- Gorillaz
- Say Anything
- Relient K (If you want to make me happy, sing Relient K)
- Veara

Jesus is my buddy.
I am a strong christian, at least i think so.
I plan on reading and studying the entirety of The Bible before the year is over.
I'm pretty open-minded though. Pro-gay marriage and I try to be non-judgmental (I got a shitload of problems too).
If you wanna know more about me, since I can only tell you so much, message me or whatever.

OH! You should look at raaycharles account. Shes a pretty awesome chick and my best friend.

Hi, I'm Drew Guy, and this is my solo called...HO HOO HA HA!
(You did it again. :) -Ray Charles.

Messages Quite quite. Except for the winning part.

Second bass!

Yeah, the music vids were playing in the background. Also, most of the people featured on Plastic Beach were there. :D

They're so cool :)

Have you seen them live? They're amazing.

It's awesome.

I haven't listened to the new one yet :( but I like the song Clint Eastwood a lot.

Favorite song by them?

Aw, thank you! :D

I think it makes sense(:

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