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About me.
AVPM.Netball.Australia.WOG.RayWilliamJohnson.Jack Johnson.

I really like people telling me stories about their lives. I promise, I will remember it :)

Im terrified of squashing little children and school speeches.

I love cooking mini muffins and stirfry.

I can name the artist and song on my ipod.

I love acoustic music. Jack Johnson!

Denzel Washington has a special place in my heart.

Bands Like: All Time Low, Mayday Parade, 30 Seconds To Mars, Boys Like Girls and Paramore are quite amazing, A Rocket To The Moon.

Acoustic Music is my Fav: Amanda Seyfried, Amos Lee, Colbie Calliat, Damien Rice, Danyo Cummings, Donavon Frankenreiter, Israel Kamakawiwo Ole, Jake Coco, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Joseph Arthur, Joseph Vincent, Joss Stone, Kalai, Matt Costa, Matt Wertz, Meiko, Missy Higgins, NeverShoutNever, Newton Falkner, Pete Murray, Ron Pope and William Fitzsimmons. :)

I wanna own a green Mazda 3 in the near future.

I have OCD with skittles. I colour code them.

The movie Training Day is epic pownage.

My favourite colour is green.

I wanna go to America for college.

I love watching my brothers MA movies with him.

I think Rob Downey Jr movies are awesome.

I actually cant wait untill i can go clubbing.

I love wearing rings.

I can quote multiple disney movies.

I like reading things on the internet like Amirite, Very Demotivational Posters and My Food Looks Funny.

I really like organic sultanas, BBQ snackatas, sesemee seed snaps and muffins in my lunchbox everyday.

I have a favourite belt that you will never see me without. -|GUESS|-

I actually love action movies, that includes hardcore stuff like, "A man Apart" and "Man on Fire". I also think Deja Vu is brilliant.

I regulary quote Jack Johnson's songs ever though they dont make sense.

I have a facsination for hospitals.

I have an appreciation for good fabric.

I talk in my sleep.

I dont mind needles even though I hate accupuncture.

I wish I could draw.

I am terrified of nail guns.

I Love Lynx. no wonder people sniff that stuff :)

I always buy 600mL of Strawberry Milk when I am near a shop.

I really like nail polish.

I love shampoos and conditioners. Thats why people think my hair smells nice.

Im somewhat telepathic.. at times.

Eels + Jarod Hayne's But.

I hate having my hair cut.


okay that sounded super racist but nvm

where do u live in australia

Cool. Ey we dont look like indians and you can easily recognise an egyptian by just looking at him. Which nationality is alot other than the australians

Epic username dude (y) (y) (y) (y)


I love nail polish too! :D

Hey Lavendar, it's always good to meet a fellow fan. AVPS; as good, better, or a major letdown? I haven't gotten a straight answer out of a fan yet.
(For the record, I think it's better simply because of Draco's dancing dad (Ooh, nice alliteration!))


Is it stuck on there with magic?

oh sure ;)

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