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About me.

I hate raisins and seafood.

I love chocolate and strawberry ice cream with hot fudge on top...or a hot fudge brownie sundae-HOLY ****, that sounds good right now.

I've got a problem with rambling and tend to to have the attention span of a squirrel at times. Or a goldfish. Like Dory. Well, she's not a goldfish, but she's a fish...never mind...

I LOVE reading. Unfortunately, due to **** college, I haven't had much time to do so.
Some of my favorites include:
Harry Potter
The Mortal Instruments
The Hunger Games
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Tale of Two Cities
and About a Boy
Some of my hated include:
Twilight (However, I used to be a fan. Shame, I know. But I saw the light) The Vampire Diaries
Blue Bloods
these all seem to be vampire series-OH!
and Evermore
I **** hate that series, too.

I curse a lot when I'm excited or angry or bored or just in general, really. Only on the internet or over email or text, though. In real life, I'm a polite young lady ;)

I have yet to watch all Disney classic movies and I REALLY miss the VHS days in the 90s.

I've become a sucker for certain fandoms and am quite obsessed with some shows. I am an avid "shipper" of certain couples

Favorite shows:
The Vampire Diaries (the books are horrible, but the show is incredibly addicting and just **** amazing)
The Big Bang Theory (Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Need I say more?)
Skins (U.K. version; the U.S version was complete and utter shit.)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The O.C.
New Girl
Modern Family
Chelsea Lately
Franklin and Bash
Switched at Birth

Favorite movies:
Permanent Record (all 80s movies were awesome)
The Breakfast Club
Crazy, Stupid, Love
White Chicks
Mean Girls
Friends With Benefits
The Hangover

I want to be a producer or screenwriter or film editor one day. Or, you know, those people that make trailers? Yeah, maybe I'll be all of those things since I can't pick.

I'm addicted to Youtube.

I don't like sleeping when I'm supposed to, ergo, internet-induced insomnia is usually responsible for my staying up in the early hours of the morning.

I often see things differently than those who surround me, and that applies to music as well. I don't see or hear music differently, it's just that I prefer that the music I listen to has meaning and is all philosophical and mindfucking and shit. I only have a few exceptions.

My favorite bands are Marianas Trench , Thirty Seconds to Mars , and RED .

I mostly listen to alternative, rock, and rock/pop. I hate country music and the only rap i can tolerate is Eminem.

And I'm going to stop here, because I'm bored, I'm tired, and I feel like I'm filling out some kind of online dating profile.

Oh, and I'm usually a very awkward person and very introverted. In real life, I'd probably be like




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