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About me.
Hey what's up? Here's some things about me
- I love Jigglypuff
- I love the Hunger Games. I saw it multiple times in the movie theater
- I love all of the characters that don't have names in Hunger Games
- My fictional character crush is Kyo from Frueba (or fruits basket) and Ash
-My inspiration is Steve Jobs. "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."
- My favorite tv show is THE TWILIGHT ZONE!
- Rod Serling is also one of my inspirations. I love how he's just casually narrating in every episode. LUV YA ROD! <3 RIP to a writing genius
- Hufflepuff is the best house to me! they're so loyal and misunderstood
Well...... thats it. I've got to go casually listen to Pokemon Dubstep.


Hey, thanks for following me. (smile)

Ok, have fun watching/reading!

It's an anime about a girl who Is a total fan of her longtime friend. Her friend (sho) left his home to become a singer. The girl learns that he brought her along to dO his chores. She is angry so she decides to beat him on show biz. You'd have to read the manga though since there are only twenty episodes total.

Aaaw you are so sweet! I love soul eater <3!!! How about Skip Beat?

Definitely! There's always a message :) Hmm I don't think I can even pick one favorite haha.

Oh oh oh I know what your talking about! Sorry I don't know them all by name.

Wait, which one is that? There's a few that address body issues :p
I know! That man had an amazing imagination.

Lol ur welcome! Here, ill put ur username so people will check out ur posts

Even though I prolly feel worse *i still don't have a burrito* but for the sake of courtesy, I must ask why do you feel bad? Also, do you like Soul Eater?

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