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About me.
I tried to update my profile but for some odd reason it won't.
Oh well!


I'm really not interestedin world domination,but thamks for the offer!I wouldlove to teach magic to you but imreally not a qualified teacher.

paul eh?
okay :D

i'll be
see that?
ninja ;D

aw :D
i can quote adventure time like no other ;D

& it thought you switched to scissors!

you have got that scene down.
hahahahaha <3.
then i'll be rock!
& crush you >:D

roflroflrofl , moose it is :D
my favorite part of the movie?
i think it's hilarious when that fat **** caterpillar is totally smokin some shit & he's just chillin on a leaf spellin words with his smoke.
that sentence made me seem so uneducated bahahaha.
& yours?

rock eh?
then i'm paper >:D
. . .
that was lame.
i still beat you though.

i've seen the old one!
& of course i've read the book >___>"
aha. . . ha. . . ha O_O"
& it's only 2 here ';D
what are YOU doing awake!

& i actually didn't see it rofl.
my friend illegally downloaded it & i fell asleep xD

hmmm , lets talk about movies :D
ever seen like mike?

so you mean, there are like. . . dudes in cowboys hats & chaps, the whole shabang runnin around?
that's hot, hahaha<3.

washington DC without the DC ;D
& yourself?

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