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About me.

i'm emily, and i'm 17.

jesus christ is my savior, and my life is his.

i'm a huge sports fan. most of my top teams are from boston, but when it comes to football i like the eagles, and college football, michigan!

i play the guitar, and i love music. and by 'loving' i don't mean i know all the top 100 songs. cause to be honest, i probably dont. i believe everyone has their favorite genres and band, but no music is bad music. my personal favorites:the kooks, the format, mayday parade, the academy is, goo goo dolls, relient k, sublime, the cab, run kid run, and august burns red.

i also love to read, but somehow with school and friends and work this year, i'm finding it difficullt to find the time. which stinks.

i love clementines, i eat ramen noodles too much, i eat oreos with peanut butter, and i dont really enjoy popcorn.

i believe laughter is the best medicine, and everyone deserves the chance to smile.

if you got this far, kudos to you. you might as well start a conversation now :)


yeahh, same. (n) andd I love disneyy hahaha

Lmfaooo,I was wondering why my Canadian buddy never answered :o That was a while ago, i totally forgot.. :/

oouu ;) that'll be fun eh ahah i never read, even though i like it, i just gotta get myself to start the book, then i love reading :P

Wellllll... I had summer school for most of it and the rest of it we were traveling :(
oh well... now im in school

yuppp thats me, all i do is chill. butt anyway, nothin just enjoying the summer while it lasts seeing my friends, hby?

Well.. Right now we have four out of five of the members agreeing on the Dawn of Reprisal (which I made:D) but we have to have everyone agree :(

your welcome :)

we got together at the end of the year last year, but we've been making some changes. We have a new drummer because the last one was a ****. And also we're changing our name :(
(i was the only one in the band that liked the old name)

Thank you :D
you know that was the first song that we wrote together!
I'm working a a lot of new stuff and hope to get it on YouTube soon

lmaoo thanks! :D likin yours too :)

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