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About me.
New Jersey

Music - All Time Low, The Format, Every Avenue, Jack's Mannequin, Blue October, Drake, We Shot the Moon, The Maine, Eminem, Train
Movies - Toy Story, Mean Girls, Dodgeball, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Christmas Vacation, The Lion King
Books - The Hunger Games, It's Kind of a Funny Story, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
TV Shows - Survivor, Degrassi, Next Great Baker, Ninja Warrior, Silent Library

Things that you should talk to me about:
-Painting- I recently got really into painting, even though I pretty much suck at it, I find it very relaxing. Give me an idea of what to paint and it will most likely get done.
-Skiing- I've been skiing for 11 years, and I absolutely love it. I don't understand why I live in Jersey, I'd love to move to Colorado or something.
-Literally anything else- this was supposed to be a big long list of a bunch of stuff I'm interested in but I can't think of anything else worth sharing. But seriously, talk to me about anything, even if it's just saying hi, I love talking to people =]

Some advice
-Don't stress over the little things. Hell, don't stress over big things. Assuming I'm talking to mostly high schoolers, what can be that important that's worth all the stressing?
-Ask yourself, "will this matter five years from now?" 99 times out of 100, it won't.
-Don't say "I can't." Say "I currently struggle with."
-Get yourself in the habit of saying "it'll be okay. We're going to get through it." and use it whenever something moderately annoying happens. If you're like me, it will annoy the hell out of your friends but make you feel pretty much awesome.

Things to do when you're bored
Make art
Play the sims
Make a bucket list
Bake cookies

Anddd just in case you want it here's my tumblr, I'll follow back unless i really don't like your blog at all. Message me you got my url from amirite and I'll be superrrr happy haahah


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