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About me.
So.. about me, huh? Okay. I\'m from Michigan, I\'ve grown up overseas (Africa and South America).
I love art, from abstract to realistic drawing to expressionism to photography.
I absolutely LOVE animals. My puppy\'s name is Charlie and he\'s the cutest dog ever.
I\'m a Christian and not ashamed of it. My God is amazing and I would never have gotten to where I am in life without Him.
I\'ve been watching AGT and Prince Poppycock is my favorite!
Oh, and I love my boyfriend. Saying yes when he asked me out was one of the best decisions I ever made.
Anything else you want to know, you can ask me.


I have a habit of going through my posts and seeing people who agree with them. I happened to click your name and I just wanted to say that I like your profile:D

i know what you mean, like i'm spanish and my father wasn't born in spain. dude, i was suppose to go to germany for this girlscout thing but got busy, i wanna go this year though.

woaah, german?. that's pretty awesomeee. have you ever been to germany?.

yeah, i know what you mean, sometimes when i'm mad the mexicanness in me comes out, it's halarious. :] i made another friend today but i also pissed some people off but whatever, i kinda don't care. so has school started fer you?.

i was being a smart **** in 2nd period she was like "i'm ghetto" and i saidm, "you don't even know what ghetto is, do you wear raggady clothes, do you have a freaken bed to sleep in, shut the hell up" and i went to my next class and she was in there talking about me cuz she didn't know i had that class so i was like dude i'm in this class to and she was like idc then a few seconds later she was like i'm sorry i have anger problems and i looked at her seriously and said "so do i, when i get mad i like to light people on fire or stab them" that shut her up

Who was the first president of the United States? Ask any school child and they will readily tell you "George Washington." And of course, they would be wrong—at least technically. Washington was not inaugurated until April 30, 1789. And yet, the United States continually had functioning governments from as early as September 5, 1774 and operated as a confederated nation from as early as July 4, 1776. During that nearly fifteen year interval, Congress—first the Continental Congress and then later the Confederation Congress—was always moderated by a duly elected president. THERE WAS 14 PRESIDENTS BEFORE HIM

hey, i came here to steal me some wall virginity too!

damn.. i came to steal your wall's virginity.. ;p

I just took your wall's virginity :o

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