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About me.
Hi, I'm Mackie! Out of everything that is lovely and wonderful in the world, I most enjoy Logan Lerman, Andrew McMahon, Doctor Who, Leonardo DiCaprio, XC running, Catch Me If You Can, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Drake and Josh.

Also Drunk Sam Winchester is my spirit animal.

http://capnjackharkness.tumblr.com/ is my tumblr

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....Oh dear.



hahaha well i can be a sarcastic person but i wasnt being sarcastic then :)

yes realllly weird

Hey! its another mackie!

You're back! Hmm let's see... I read romance novels. I know I know. good BUT I read good romance novels. I read the ones with an actual story and plot. Also I don't like extremely adventurous books so yeah.
What types of books do you like?

Hahaha we both have short legs :D My friend always makes fun of me because my legs don't touch the floor when I sit on a chair. Did I word that right? IDK. Anyways I used to do soccer in 7th grade but now I don't do anything.

In 7th grade summer I switched schools to go a charter school. And this charter school was brand new meaning it had nothing. NOTHING! We didn't even have a gym. We had two hallways and a total of 23 8th grade students. But I love my school :) I'm in 9th grade now and we have 27 9th graders but I love it. This year I'm in all these academics and crap because we don't have sports for our grade but it's all good :D

I don't eat eggs. But honestly the word yolk makes me wanna throw up! Yuck! But I do love TOFU :D They taste really good and everyone else just puts it in a bad light.
I did pole vaulting back in 7th grade and it was awesome. I don't do long jump because my legs are kinda short. I'm only like 5 ft barely 2. How about you?

I know! Cricket is ehh for me. My sport forever is gonna be SOCCER! I like pole vaulting too :D Oh, I wanted to ask if you eat eggs?

You know what? Even if I was allowed too eat meat I probably wouldn't. For the same reasons you had. Like a small animal and killing it... That's sad. But I also don't really judge people who do eat meat.

I do wanna be a little muscular but not that horrifying looking women who have BULGING biceps! I love tennis. But I'm not that good. I like badminton and I'm good at it :D

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