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About me.
HELLO RANDOM PEOPLES READING THIS!!! You have just entered the wonderful world of cakeattack21 where everyone lives peacefully, and faries and unicorns prance around in beautiful fields... ok that would be a boring place there needs to be more awesomeness!!!! ok moving on I'm a pretty chill kid if you ask me. I VERY lazy, and i am a huge procrastinator. I like to skateboard and play videos games and listen to music. I'm pretty sure you think i am a tomboy, and i am a little bit of one but its not like i show up to school in guy clothes. I like alternative, punk rock music like My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco. Paramore, Escape The Fate, and Death Cab For Cutie yeah know stuff like that. I am obssesd with rubiks cube,I can solve one in 1 minute and 30 seconds. Also i am a nerd, and its AWESOME, i'm top of the class awesomeness. Heres a list of things i don't like

Justin Bieber (Justine Beaver)
online dating
anything to do with Build a bear workshop
other stuff... more to come on the list!

So have fun in life and try not to screw up to much.

cakeattack21's Top 3


Haha yay! And yeah Paramore's pretty awesome. I love the songs Fences, Born For This, Misery Business, Playing God, We Are Broken, and Monster

=D YES! Life goal: accomplished.

That's pretty good haha

What skateboard do you have?

hear that? yeah that was me taking your wall's virginity xD

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