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About me.
Short version:
QOTSA/Grohl fangirl, keyboardist, optimist, metalhead, YouTube addict, duct tape enthusiast, Led Head, all around geek.
Long version. Woot!
Hello there! My name is Camille. Here are a few random things about me:

1. Favorite bands include Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Tool, Them Crooked Vultures, A Perfect Circle, The Beatles, Nirvana, Radiohead, The Dead Weather, The Arctic Monkeys, and more.

2. I'm in a jazz band where I play keyboards, guitar, and occasionally accordion.

3. I like dark-haired, mysterious guitarists. Think Jimmy Page and Troy Van Leeuwen.

4. PLEASE learn the difference between "your" and "you're" before trying to talk to me.

5. Courtney Love and Axl Rose should get married, move to the Moon, and never bother us again. If they don't agree to this, SaintNICK and I are going to have to force them to.

6. Tumblr= awesome.

7. 7 minutes of pure musical bliss:


Haha. It's cool. Everyone is a fangirl about something. :p
Oh nice. :) So what's your favourite song to play on guitar? :)
Haha. That's cool. They must be really funny people so it's fun to hang out with them. :P
Haha. It's ok. I'm buying QOTSA from iTunes. :) and I got Slash but there's only one good song on that album. :/ haha. Otherwise, not much... what's new with you? :)

Haha. It's so weird to hear him sing lead. :/ haha. But he has a good voice. I wouldn't have expected it though. And oh yeah...his sexiness... how could I forget.. :p
It does. It's my favourite guitar colour. I always wanted to get my drums in kinda a sunburst colour... :p haha. What guitar do you have? :)
And that does sound hilarious. haha. Do you participate too or just watch?

Wow. He really does. And that was really eerie... :) haha. Now I just need to find it somewhere. :/ haha.
Haha. It's sunburst. :)What are improv comedy matches? That sounds cool. :) haha. But it's good to relax so that you'll be fresh when school starts again... :)

Oh cool. Maybe I'll give it a listen then. Is it more instrumental stuff because I can't picture Dean singing. :/ haha.
I got a secondhand Fender Squire. It was really cheap. :) haha. The body is a bit scratched but the strings are still good so that's all that matters... :p haha. That's cool. You should party and go crazy this last week. :)

That's pretty randomly awesome. :p haha. I'm jealous of you. haha. How's Hello=Fire? I've been meaning to listen to that. :)
Haha. I can only properly play one song at the moment: Song of Joy. :/ haha. Oh lucky you. How much longer is your break? :)
And don't made perfect sense. :p haha.

Lucky you. That's still cool. I wish I had one. What records do you have? :)
I've been learning guitar for about a month now. :) I still suck though. :p haha. What's new with you?

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