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lol oh so it's literally about a guy versus a volcano ;) got it dude (y)

which ones are "BEAUTIFUL"?
Is that what joe vs. the volcano is about? :) i was expecting more detail ;)

ohh so you don't think all of those movies are worth watching? ;)

i have never heard of joe vs. the volcano, enlighten me

thank you for your not made up by yourself list ;) hehe

it's totally alright, new semester at college for me and it's .. not doing anything to me except making me wanna stab things ;)
did you seriously alphabetize that list? ;)
i have seen out of those :
Dark Knight
The English Patient--- lol uh wow memories XD
The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnathus
Lord of the Rings 1 and some of 2
Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail
Romeo and Juliet (idk what year but the one with the sexy leo ;) )
Shawshank Redemption
Slumdog Millionaire
the Usual Suspects

and some of the others you put on that list i already have on a must watch list thanks to my boyfriend ;) lol i actually have Magnolia checked out right now.. i haven't watched it because a certain video game has distracted me ;)

thank you :) lol

it's so obviously obvious it's fluent in your language ;)

a long list, don't forget ;)
you'd be like one of the first people in the world to ever get bored studying on a weekend ;D
please do not overlook the sarcasm XD

lol i was wondering when you were going to send me this list you asked if i wanted ;)
good luck on all those great wonderful tests D: hate exam week things

old movies are the best :)
yes do give me a list. make it as long as you can XD

yeah like learning guitar all by myself ;p lol i read, and watch movies XD hahaha

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