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About me.
I LOVE the rain and the cold, but i moved to a desert when i was 8. painfully ironic? i think so. lol
i have brown wavy hair with a blonde streak, nothing gross tho, its in the same spot as Christina Perri's, but under some hair...
im a direct split between my parents sometimes, like my mom likes cold pizza, my dad can only eat it hot, and i love it room temperature
also my eyes are this weird light brown with green, i know what youre thinking, but they arent hazel! hence the "weird" part of it
my entire family is crazy and hilarious, so yeah, i can make you laugh. (i actually am the only one that can make my friend snort :P)
im going to be a photographer one day. im really good, i know i might sound stuck up, but im really really good. im still just a teen and i get people telling me i should sell my stuff.
i have a thing for memories. i dont know what it is, i just do. pictures, souvenirs, anything
I was a Twilight fan, and i strongly believe Kristen Stewart ruined everything
the House of Night series is really good too
the show Friends should have NEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRR gone off air!
90s/early 2000s cartoons are the best! Angry Beavers, Invader Zim, Real Monsters, As Told By Ginger, Hey Arnold, Rocket Power....
i haven't much on here, but i always use "..."! and its only 3 dots... i dont even know.


Hey, thanks for the favourite :D
And, I *almost* got your wall virginity D:<

My name is Carly too. :)

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