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You need two credits of what? So if you take Spanish for one year only you get 2 credits? You better mention me, because I want phone calls from beautiful girls everyday mmkay? I'm curious, do you have a facebook? You don't have to tell me if you don't want too :P

Well it looks like you'd be a very good model, you're sooper dooper pretty :). Also since you're going to be a model, when you make it in the big leagues mention my name to all your model friends and tell them they should call me :D. And I hate spanish so much. I got a D on my Spanish final, I cried because my quarter grades were both A's and then if I got a C I would have an A in the class, but since I got a D I got a B in the class. Are you any good at Spanish or are you bad at it?

What kind of languages do you take? Aww I understand why you quit, but sports are so fun. Were you bad at the sports and thats the reason why you quit? When you start acting, remember that I was there for you mmkay? :P

Are you excited? Do you do any sports, I do football, cheerleading and lax. I'm probably not going to cheerlead this year because I need to gain muscle for lacrosse season.

That's cool, I'm 15 too, you look a lot older than 15 though. Are you going to be a sophomore or a junior?

I'm just curious, but how old are you?

You should learn to be a wall slut like me, it's really fun.

Is there something wrong with being a wall slut ):?

No wall is match for me to be honest :P

Took your message walls virginity, like it matters though.

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