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About me.
I'm Alison, and I like to play softball. I am interested in architecture, arguing, and being right.

Where I'm from? A tiny little town in Penn's Woods. (hyuk, hyuk!)

Hobbies? I'm a softball player, and my preferred position is catching, though my coaches have been trying to convince me I'm good at third too. Whatever, they'll see how I react with a softball being hit in my direction. It's not pretty.

Favorite stuff? My iPod.

What I want to do after college? Become roommates with one of my besties (Bella) in NYC.

Future occupation? Fashion consultant.

Friends on amirite known in real life? exsqueeze_me, iLikeYourBeard, we_r_all_epic_fails, theGreatGatspyMaster

Pets? 2 kitties :-3

Interesting facts about me? I think I'm developing dyslexia and/or A.D.D. and I just got contacts last weekend. I'm a cool nerd, if you can believe it.

Music? Love Eminem, Justin Bieber makes me gag. Adam Lambert and Maroon 5 are pretty cool.

Recovery album is the best, I personally think Space Bound was the best song on that album.


So yeah, that's me. Friend me, talk to me, whatever, I'll be here.

Btw...I can understand chatspeak but I don't like to read it. It makes me wonder where my generation is going to go in life. So don't use it, I beg of you.

-Alison (or Aline if you prefer. I'm taking French and that's the name I chose)


Hi, I had to take off your avatar because I got a complaint from the person who owns the picture.
Feel free to pick something else though :)

I'm awesome... right?

what makes you so awesome?

Hi biiiiitccccccchhhhhhhhhhh<<3333 ur profile picture is super sexxaaaay and i would <3 to f** that hahahahhahaahhahaha


well thank you! i think you're awesome too, cause you're awesome:)
& that's cool, only been playing them for about year myself
i wub my ipod too, its one of my greatest joys in life:$
and i agree with him V your profile is the definition of x3

I feel like a pedophile now.

wait, you're going into 7th grade? so that means you're.. 12?

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