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About me.
Hey....im 14 years old and have brown hair and blue eyes :) i love hanging out with friends and fam. and meeing new ppl.(im pretty random...beware) My fav. T.V shows are:Project runway, Real housewifes of New Jersey, desperate Housewifes, That 70s Show, Bethenny getting married?, If you really knew me...thats about it, it sounds like I watch a lot of tvbut that is really the only things i watch so ya. My fav movies: The proposal, The blind side, The sandlot, and a lot ,more but i cant think of them right now. I also love the rain...it makes me feel calm. Im in love with yoga. People think im crazy and weird but i can also be totaly calm and normal..? i hate stero types, rasist, any company that test on animals, fakes and people who let other people control them. I know hate is a strong word but i guess i just feel strongly about these things....my favorite singers/bands r are, taylor swift, all time low, jack maqulines band, ke$ha, brett dennon, matt kerney and many more. Sorry this is so long...i like to talk about myself ha jk....i just have stuff 2 tell ppl. hhmm. Like i said be4 i love meeting new ppl and talk 2 them 2 so dont be shy im up 4 it. I believe in Jesus and Jesuse only.thats about it. peace out. (thx 4 reading...ur awesome.) :D

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Hahaha, thanks

Thanks for the add :)

ik! it gave me goose bumps when i saw it!

If you really knew me is such a great show!

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