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About me.
Sorry, kiddos, I'm not actually Charlie McDonnell. I'm just another fan of his lovely work on YouTube and in Chameleon Circuit.

Charlie, if you are somewhat reading this, sorry for being a bit creepy and taking your username. Heh, heh. (wary)
And if you aren't familiar with the handsome devil Charlieissocoollike, you can find his wonderful videos here:


Now that we've gotten that out of the way, hello! (hello) You can call me Nina. I'm a girl, as well, just letting you know. I live in England, more specifically London. I'm agnostic, but initially everyone in my family is a Christian.

My race is mixed. My father is white and is from Germany, whilst my mother is black and from Cameroon. My skin colour is probably a caramel hue at best. So there. That's me in my profile picture making my awkward "I'm thinking about something irrelevant to the situation" face (and yes, I wear glasses.)

I'm very shy and extremely awkward. I don't have much self-confidence either, but I'm sure one day I'll overcome this uncomfortable phase. (no) I've never been in a relationship before (which is really saying something for a British teen), because I'm just scared of the thought of physical affection. Like I said, hopefully I'll overcome it.
I'm an honorary Nerdfighter, and incredibly addicted to YouTube! Soon I hope to actually start making videos on there. My favourite users include: Charlie (of course), Alex Day, Vlogbrothers, Elmify, Communitychannel, Vsauce, KickThePJ, TyrannosaurusLex, and StarKidProductions.

I'm a massive nerd in the following subjects (and in fact, just in general I'm a massive nerd): Doctor Who, Harry Potter (Yeah, Gryffindor!), Sherlock, video games, quantum mechanics, astronomy, chemistry, physics, anything involving books, drawing, writing, and just learning overall. I really like learning about pretty much everything. You can never know too much!
My favourite thing about science is basically theories. I love hearing about others' speculations about the universe. Especially thought experiments. If you can boggle my mind, I already love you.

Oh my God I love books. Lovely pieces of literature no matter what the genre. Novels, manga/comics, series, anything goes! My favourite books include Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Chains, Death Note, and Scott Pilgrim.

I love video games, from old-school Pokemon Red to new releases like Portal 2 (which, in fact, has become my new favourite video game of all time, overpassing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.)

My favourite bands are (be prepared for a wide range of music): The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Gregory and the Hawk, My Chemical Romance, AllCaps, Chameleon Circuit, Panic! At the Disco, DeadMau5, Alkaline Trio, 2NE1, Radiohead, Coldplay, and plenty more. I play the guitar and the piano, and when I'm older I hope to play piano professionally.

I'm very introverted, but believe me, conversing on the internet is a lot easier than IRL. So, please, don't hesitate to message me down there, and start talking. Especially if you like any of the following above! ^_^

And if it's TL;DR, I'm your average dweeb.

(And also secretly a timelord who studies at Hogwarts. Shhh.)
And despite how nice-sounding I sound in this bio, I'm actually very sarcastic. You will not survive on amirite if you can't detect it. (wary)

Oh, and if you don't enjoy spelling words correctly, we can't be friends.


i have the paperback one, im actually reading it a third time :D

haha yes :D i loved it i read it in school and it was so amazing so i bought it and read it again :)

i love To kill a mockingbird too :D

Awww shucks, ya'll are makin' me blush!

Tell your new cousin's parents that a random stranger on the internet says Congratulations!

No problem!

xD It's kind of his fault though. It seems like he should know about the spit gland.

By the way, I was bored last night so I decided to check out Doctor Who on BBC America was pretty awesome. It was the first episode of the 5th season. I always hear about it and now I finally understand why Charlie ate fish sticks and custard. :D

Why thank you! I also love science and theories and having my mind boggled!

How did you know that Charlie is my favorite YouTuber?

By the way, you have good taste in music.

Yeah it does. But the visit wasn't that bad. I did bite the assistant's finger by accident, though, which was pretty embarrassing. :o

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