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About me.
Not dead. Doing better.


Every time I read this I have tears in my eyes. I can't believe you did it.

Don't die. Think of all the possibilties you could have in the future. Married, with kids? Who knows. You only have one life... don't end it.

You may not realize it now, but if you take your own life, there is someone out there who will cry. Someone who will care. You could be affecting someone else so much, that without you, they would do the same. I promise you there's hope. Just hold on. Don't waste what great potential you have. Talk to someone. Anyone. Me if you would like. I promise you there is someone who cares about you. Just think of all of the possibilities in your lifetime! Think about any sports you play or an instrument you play or something you do. There's purpose in your life, and there are people who love you and care about you, as dark as it may seem now. Please, please don't.

Don't hurt yourself... There is always hope.

I care about you. Your life is worth it, there is always something more. Talk to someone. You are beautiful and loved.

I care about you, and I sure do hope you didn't kill your self :/
I want you to know that you actually make the world a better place, there's a point of living, you'll figure it out in time.
Please tell me you're OK..

Hi, I came here to tell you I liked your name.. and I read *that*. Please please message me and let me know you're ok!! I'm here to talk and I care about you, hope you're doing much better and have realized how important you are to the world!!

Hi, I just randomly came across your profile... I read your bio. I really, really hope you haven't killed yourself. I mean, I checked your recent posts and the latest one was during August... I hope you didn't go through with ending your life... and you just stopped visiting amirite. I care about you, and I hope you're still okay.

ya I met you a few days ago but you are hilarious and awesome!

please live! There are people who care about you on amirite! If you are gone, the people who have read your profile will be sad and will have to live with the guilt that they could not stop you!!!

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