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About me.
Let's start this off...
My username means Christmas Jewel, which is what my name translates to.
I'm in grade twelve and I personally find school easy.
I am Canadian, and no you can't own me. I do not live in an igloo. I do have ski-doo's, quads, and a minibike. I also live on a farm with the following ALOT of animals, including kids.
I am adopted. If you are curious about anything to do with that-, feel free to message me and talk about it. Listen to "Cleaning out my Closet " by Eminem and you will have an idea of why I'm adopted.
I played a hippie in a play once, and everybody kept saying "I could totally see you as a hippie in real life!"
Books, Movies and shows: Anything horrificly scary, sci fi, or pee-your-pants funny. Or high action awesome movies . I hate lovey-do vey romas.
Music: I am open to anything. But I do not like opera, total screamo metal, or twangy country.
I am kind of an all around person, at least that is what I think. I love reading, writing both stories and poems, drawing sketching & painting, I'm pretty good at math and yesss I will rearrange numbers to make others..., I LOVE doing anything active, and I am always up there with the boys in wrestling and sports. So yeah I'm a little competetive. :D
I think that has more than covered mostly all the basics. I'm friendly so don't hesitate to chat me up :)

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Lol, nice! Wooohoo BC!

You're an idiot.

hahah It's okay. I didn't think you sounded like one but thanks anywho. haha I do like to laugh (if you haven't noticed, I will type when I laugh. [more like chuckling.]) and that's awesome that you know some Greek. I do know a person who is part Canadian and if I'm correct, bacon is back bacon in Canada? That's what my friend told me. And hippies are cool. I do agree with your music taste, but I will tend to sing like an opera person when I'm bored or feel like it. hahah That's about it. :D So no, I didn't think you were being mean.

Oh wow, that's really interesting. And you're right, we do have a lot in common ahaha. My dad wasn't abusive, but he left when my mom first got sick, around my 10th birthday. My brother left to go fight in Iraq when I was 13, and my mom died of cancer a year later. I'm not sure if my brother came back, but before he left, he told me he'd contact me as soon as he got home. I've moved a lot since then, from living on the street by myself to having been with 4 different foster families. I like the family I'm with now, but really I'm just waiting it out until I turn 18 and can live on my own. I don't really like being around a bunch of people who love each other. I'm sort of private about my past, it's pretty much a Don't Ask Don't Tell situation. But I'm usually willing to tell people the story.

Nice to meet you too :) Everyone in my house is still sleeping so I couldn't listen to that Eminem song... would you mind telling me why you were adopted?

Haha I'm glad you understand me! (: I rape a lot of walls...hmmm

Well of course, only crazy people don't love them. They're amazing :)

Haha I told ya!

Haha I didn't put much effort into it, but those are really my ONLY dislikes, those and some slow songs

Yeah. All girls suck at wrestling. And I think it's just dumb, making a guy wrestle her.

But I get what you mean.

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