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in one way, this post is true. I am a Christian. But in another way, this is crap. If you don't believe what the Bible says, thats not being a Christian. Abortion is murder. Bible says life begins in the womb. Being gay is a sin, but that doesn't mean those that are in sin should be treated like crap. It just means they need forgiveness and need to be shown the love of Christ by others. If you don't stand for Jesus, you're not acting Christian. You might be saved, but you're not acting on it. You're supposed to tell people about Jesus, but also, a lot of the time, the best way to witness includes not shoving it down someones throat. its just by living life the way you should. There are no "new" ideas in Christianity, because God doesn't change.

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As the President, he is in charge of the entire administration. Not only does he refuse to take responsibility for his administration's actions, he refuses to take any meaningful action to bring to justice those who are at fault. With the IRS stuff, all he has done is accept the resignation of a man who had documented plans to leave shortly anyway.

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well, global warming's been fake. forever. Just because Fox tells news without a liberal slant everybody's gotta hate on them. oh well. But this has been the coldest winter in nearly everywhere in a long time. what happened to global warming? and even if u ignore that, look up warming and cooling periods. earth goes thru them, larger than seasons. at one point, in northern Europe, they were growing softball sized grapes. try that in norther Europe now. we go thru periods like this. warming ones and cooling ones. nothing's wrong with the earth. im not saying we should be wasteful with our stuff, but we dont gotta be super careful cuz the world's getting warmer. we're fine.

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