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I have been to the gym more than once this week for an over an hour, I walk in the pool for an hour then I come home rest then few hours later I go I walk to the gym and I do 30 minutes of the bike then weights and then I walk back home, and tonight I'm planning to go again with my brother, I want to go again. I'm starting to like the gym again.

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This song annoys means the girl he is after is ugly/fat or both and just has a good heart...what the that is insulting to any girls out there like that he describes!!! what is your thought?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Guten Morgen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It doesn't matter what we decide to create/change or enhance to better our needs/wants, which benefits us, it will always have some kind of effect on us or the environment around us. For example Coal it burns and somehow affects our health ( don't know how that has ever happened to anyone, never heard of an example) nor have I ever noticed the burning of coal ever, yet benefit s our day to day necessities ( electricity...ect...)
Isn't taking the suns energy a type of pollution?  you are taking all the energy the sun can give, especially when MILLIONS of people choose and are switching to it? it does save us money in the long run ( a plate is worth $2000 minimum, that is not cheap and you need at least four or five plates each house that is at least $50,000 for 10 homes 20 homes it would cost $1000,000.00) it cost more to buy a solar panel than it does paying for your electric bill, in a shorter time. so even though it may seem we are paying nothing towards our natural energy bills but paying for the panels is pricier. and at the end we destroy the earth by using the suns energy, and that mean less photosynthesis for the flora's and that mean no food for faunas and that means we run out of food and water.
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