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Body shaming in 2017 is increasing and increasing. The least imperfection you have, the whole world will comment on it.  I used to weigh 114 lbs in 2015. I am 5 feet 5. Now in 2017 I weigh 140 lbs for 5 feet 5.  I thought I had a good weight, I needed to gain a bit of weight to gain curves like breasts,...   Then a guy online tells me : " your face is beautiful but you could loose a few pounds, don't you think? " " go for a walk more often instead of sitting behind your computer screen " .  Who the hell does he think he is? 140 lbs is just a healthy weight for my height.  What does he want? A couple of fleshless bones? Is that more beautiful than just a healthy, curvy girl?   By the way who does that self-entitled a*shole thinks he is? Girls have curves.   I'm so sick of 2017 being the era where people think bodyshaming when your not a thin stick is completely ok.   Women back in the day used to be a little fuller. Even Marilyn Monroe, a beauty icon in her time.   It's today that people are obsessed with unhealthy skinnyness.
Pfff I want more friends IRL but I'm too shy.  I have the same 4 friends since kindergarten and never made new ones. Now that those 4 friends and I slowly go our own paths I feel so stupid for never having made new friends.  In September I'm starting a new study at university which I hope will help to make a few new friends. I have an outgoing personality once you get to know me. It's just that I'm shy as long as I don't know anyone well and I'm too shy to make the first " move " in a friendship.   I am also a nerdy type in my thinking. I always end up talking about way too intelligent, boring stuff and people don't like that. People want a relaxed talk, not some talk on a deep level at my age.   That's why I always end up forming connections with people much older than me. Because they understand me better.  I'm also highly sensitive which is another curse. I hate it that I'm consistently worrying about world problems while other people my age don't.  Wish I had more friends :-( But I'm not social enough to make them.   Hoping that I meet other people with mutual interests at university.    I hate loud parties and pubs. I'm more for quiet evenings in a relaxed atsmosphere.   Making new friends is an art it seams. Some people make 10 new friends in no time, others have difficulties making one new friend.
I need a vacation but my money is up. I so badly need a sugardaddy.   I wouldn't mind going on vacation with a grandpa as long as he pays and is sweet.   Ugh, I'm too lazy to work for my own money :-(   Everybody needs at least 1 week somewhere on a tropical destination before uni /  college / work restarts, every year :/
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