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About me.
Well, about me:
I was born in India, and now live in New Zealand.
The one stereotype I follow is that I'm Indian and really like cricket, both watching and playing. I also play squash, but hardly ever watch it because it's not very popular and so it is hard to find good live streams on the net.

This is me playing the guitar.

Here are two stories I want to share for no particular reason.
When I was in primary, I read a book about a boy complaining about his horrible grandmother. He said that he blamed Einstein because if he hadn't done his theory of relativity, then people wouldn't know she was his grandmother. I though that was reasonable and moved on. Then a couple of years later I realised what the theory of relativity was and I started laughing at this joke.

In primary, I wrote a scary scary about a group of people that move in to a dark house. I wrote that "the house was dark, with no electricity in the house, so they fit in some light-bulbs". When my teacher read this, she started laughing, and I didn't understand why until about 2 years later.

Just wanted to share those stories, because I think they are pretty funny.

My two biggest pet peeves are:
When people mistake unconscious and subconscious.
- A small list = http://ctrlv.in/100953

When people say literally when they mean figuratively. (e.g He had literally a billion scars)

Message me if you want, notice the default message, just reading your mind (cool).

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oop. i meant message box.

I guessed it was gonna say "you're awesome" :P


I almost guessed what your bio was gonna say.

No just deactivated

Actually it costs a lot of money to do the lethal injection, I think even more. Now if the government just stopped trying to be so formal and just shot the guy in the back of the head it would be a lot faster an cheaper

Well that too. I should add that. But it's just hypocritical and I'd rather have a murder suffer in prison for his whole life than get a sort of quick way out. Plus I think they make sure the person is guilty before killing them.

Yeah, which I guess you could argue is your conscience.. But I know it's more than that

Well I never heard a booming voice from the sky :p but when you have the holy spirit it talks to you. In a certain situation it told me to get away. I ignored it, and I got hurt very badly. It's more than a conscience. Also God speaks from the bible. Everytime I read it I get new revelations and answers to my questions. It's pretty amazing when you ask God something and you open up the bible and the answer pops up.

Oh, lame!
Actually, NZ sounds awesome.
Home to the hobbit. :) haha jk.

94 lol I thought you were 17 or 18.
I'm still 17 but I was born in 94.
So did you graduate?

Hey! Are you 18?

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