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Just hanging out. How's life in Texas? Still blowing or did it magically get better over night?

Hey, what's up?

ok. It was very nice talking to you. We'll hopefully talk some more tomorrow. Good night.

Okay let's just agree we are both overly worried anxious and scared and that this back and forth could go on all night if we let it. Besides i'm getting tired and might go to bed soon. Can we talk tomorrow?

I don't know if you want to go down that road with a 13 year old with OCD... seems a bit dangerous.

I was joking about the whole cowboys thing. I knew Texas wasn't like that. i am thinking like that because I don't think I am relationship material. I mean i want to be in a relationship and i am capable of being in one but i don't think anyone would want to be in a relationship with me. Anyway, that's just how i feel about myself. Sad, i know. And you aren't the only one who is worried, scared, and anxious. Trust me. Of the two of us I am probably the most worried scared and anxious. Hell, I am most likely the most scared anxious and worried in general.

You will! You'll find your crowd and I'll find mine. I don't know how i ended up so different from the people i grew up with either. It seems a little odd that after years of listening to their boy craziness I didn't get sucked into that stuff as well. You WILL get a boyfriend. It is not the end of the world. You aren't dying tomorrow. You are young, fresh and will find some hot guy who will recognize that. Now me? I'm the lost cause. You shouldn't be worrying about you finding someone. You should be worrying about me finding someone because truth of the matter is I may never find anyone. But that's my own crap to deal with and i don't want to bore you with it (unless you want to be bored by it, then you are awesome)... What do you do in your free time in Texas? If you don't say you participate in rodeos and go to the town saloon to play poker and hang with the other cowboys, my dreams will be crushed.

Oh that's sad about your family... I'm sorry you feel that way and that ** who told everyone was indeed a **. she should NOT have done that. You trusted her and she betrayed your trust. Not okay. I have told everyone I know, friends and family, and all have been extremely supportive about it. I'm telling you, you should move up here. And no, my little crush was not sweet in my opinion or hers.I freaked her and myself out a little there with my obsessiveness. But jeez, I really am sorry about the fact that you can't ever bring a boyfriend home to meet the family...

Don't be embarrassed. I've had even worse situations, Trust me. Like in 5th grade, i think, i convinced myself I was in love with a friend of mine just because I had one dream where she was my girlfriend except it was weird because i was a boy in the dream. Anyway I kind of got a little overboard with the "crush" and might have come off as creepy and perhaps a little stalkerish. Still embarrassed to this day but thankfully the girl and I have rebuilt our friendship and I apologized for being a weirdo. That reminds me: do your friends and family know you are gay? If so, how did they react?

But thats life, right? You have to be prepared to get your heart broken. Anyway, what about you? Any crushes or anything? Any broken hearts?

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