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About me.
my name is erica. gryffindor, stagedork, twihard, earthling, non-benny, gleek, starkid.

i used to be ericaonstage. before that my name was errlovestwilight. 7 posts homepaged in one day?
yeah, that was me. :) seriously though, i'm sticking with frozensocks.

i am trying very hard to change my picture. however, i am having technical difficulties.... please stand by.

15, sophomore, writer, proud theater geek :) i also do professional film acting in nyc.
SKIING, snowboarding, hot chocolate. i love winter!
yes, i'm from the jersey shore. no, i am not a guidette. sorry. but i did meet snooki once. she was drunk.
I'm a democrat, but I won't, you know, stab you 37 times in the chest if you're not.
I love traveling.

neon trees; alex day; charlie mcdonnell; the beatles; green day; owl city; taylor swift; ok go; VAMPIRE WEEKEND!

i'm in love with A VERY POTTER MUSICAL, smosh, charlieissocoollike, and tobuscus.

i tend to jump from obsession to obsession. past examples include:
- harry potter
-christian bale
-billy zane
-leonardo dicaprio
-apolo ohno
-venus flytraps
-les miserables
-shia lebouf
-michael phelps
-strawberry poptarts

imaninja16 is my name buddy. all yall be jealous.
i love lionsgate and awkwardseamonkey.
i enjoy brunching with jmayrod.
gene is my best friend. for life.

please talk to me about glee. i do very much enjoy glee.

ask me things.

in case you feel the need to stalk me:

fun facts!
> i don't like to drink water. ewwy.
> stagedoor manor is the greatest place on earth.
> i can't touch my toes :(
> i'm allergic to hair dye, henna tattoos and natural sea sponges. random? yes.
> my life goal is to be a starkid.
> i can't sing, but i do anyway. :P
> i reaaaally can't dance. at all.
> my ipod is like 95% showtunes. henceforth, shuffle is majorly embarassing.
> pancakes are boss.


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So you like glee, starkid, and theater....You're awesome. I actually do musicals, show choir, and i work at a proffessional music theater company :)

lol i'll be there;)

lol i wanna go! hahah where is it?


Hey, I'm from Jersey too :)

whats stagedoor manor? it sounds like a type of theatre thing!

my ipod is mostly showtunes too :P

im juss chillin listenin to some tuness nuthin big

Haha ya i understand that. idk what i'll be looking forward too now.

its been awhile since we've talked
whats up?

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