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About me.
- I'm an English Major in a university located in North America.
- I enjoy listening to music - if you get what my username is referring to, we'll be best friends
- If you don't, that's cool too, we can still be friends
- Bands that I like: The Shins, Mother Mother, Born Ruffians, Soldout, Fujiya & Miyagi, Say Anything, Architecture in Helsinki, Aesop Rock, Franz Ferdinand, Datarock, etc etc. You get the picture.
- I'm a fiend for caffeine, it's quite obscene
- I also partake in the occasion recreational drug; just because they're illegal does not mean that they are immoral.
- My hair is artificially red, my eyes are naturally blue, my mind is wonderfully open.
- I love Canada, but I don't live there permanently (yet).
- I'm a Liberal but I have Conservative tendencies. Republicans are **** up though.

I don't know what else to say. Thanks for checking me out and have a wonderful day!


Haha yeah, sorry about that. I saw one of your posts after looking at the random posts, and I thought it was funny so i read some more, I was hoping you wouldn't notice :p

15. I'm ashamed...

Yeah I know Iron Horse, their covers are so good. Do you like the Modest Mouse ones too?
As for the Shins tribute, I actually ordered it from because I couldn't find it anywhere either. Do you use the torrent site When I get it, I'm going to upload it because it's not anywhere on there and this guy asked me to. If you don't use demonoid, I can email you an invite code for you to join; it's probably the best torrent site.
What other bands are you into?

I'm afraid not!
Well, this musical Avenue Q has a character called Trekkie Monster, they have a Gary Coleman so I don't know if Trekkie is a Star Trek thing, but not that I'm aware :) xx

I like your mouth.

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