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☠ What was the most inaccurate diagnosis you've ever encountered after a trip to a doctor? ☠
Abandoned Places

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85% agree
15% disagree
Anyone up for a personality test?

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88% agree
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What do you think when you read some of the statements on the internet?
Hey! has everyone noticed the search bar in our PM's ? ,it's so cool. You simply type any word in and a selection of PM's are selected that contain that word. Cheers Dev , just made Life that bit simpler for us Amirite's. :)
🐈Apart from obvious good looks, what do you find attractive in a person?🐈
πŸ‘— Corsets and other odd clothing: Do you wear them? πŸ‘—

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Do you want the masses to love you or a select few?
Name something good/great about winter.
Sometimes I wear my lady's football shoulderpads in the house because i feel like an amazon warrior. Some gear/clothes/outfits make us feel awesome and we wish we could just always wear them.
πŸ’‹ Would you have any problem with your best friend dating your ex? πŸ’‹

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